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I have always felt different. I didn’t knew it was ok to be different.

For most of my life, I have felt different and never really belonged to the groups I was a part of – school, college, family, etc.

I always wanted to belong and fit in but never could.

I went to great lengths to dress, speak, and do what others did. In order to fit in.

But it never worked. I always felt out of place and different.

For a long time, I fought and resisted my life. I wanted to fit in desperately.

My parents gave me an impossible life – they went beyond their means and sent me to schools, colleges, and other places – where I didn’t belong.

I was ashamed and scared of showing the “real” me.

I kept that act up – until the pain of not speaking my truth became too much to bear.

One day, I finally let go and just started to be honest and completely transparent.

I started to say what I was thinking. without any filters.

It was scary, but it felt tremendously freeing and liberating. Like a weight has been lifted.

I embraced my impossible life. I realised it was OK to be different.

I realised that a lot of people are fighting a similar battle. They are trying to fit in when they actually want to stand out.

Now this is what I do daily – help others stand out instead of fitting in – which can be suffocating.

These days, I make the impossible happen – almost every day – literally.

As I help others do the same – create an impossible life for themselves.

Like a senior leader in Amazon who has cut down his meeting time to less than 20 minutes from 60 minutes earlier – saving so much time for himself and his family.

Like a tech CEO who doubled his revenue in a year after being stuck for a few years.

Like a woman leader who embraced being herself in a male-dominated company and prioritised herself & her family without feeling guilty.

Like a tech leader who managed to cut down his hours in half without reducing productivity so that he could pursue his passion for guitar.

Where are you different but afraid to be honest about it?

What has been the cost of keeping the real and authentic you hidden?

What could be possible if you remove all filters and simply start to speak your truth?

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