Sumit Gupta

Leadership Coach

Speech  & Keynote Topics

Sumit is committed to elevating the level of leadership in the world. Sumit’s audiences learn how to discover the power of their own choice. They leave feeling empowered to make an impact in areas they care about.

Sample Speaking Topics

An Invitation To Your Leadership

In today’s complex and dynamic environment, it is very easy to get lost and feel disempowered about a lack of choices. In this talk, Sumit invites you to the power of your choice and leadership. You will be able to see your life and work with a new lens, which will reveal new actions not available before. You will discover what it means to take care of what you care about, and how that is the foundation of everything around leadership.

You Will Discover 

What is a human being?

Moving from caring to taking care

Difference between action and activity

Listening – The Foundation of Leadership

Being known as a leader who listens can dramatically accelerate your professional success. In this talk, Sumit will show you how to listen well, what empathy really means, and the 4 levels of listening. Understand how all conversations and leadership begins with listening, and how listening can enable you to persuade others and create alignment more easily for your best ideas.

You Will Discover 

The 4 Levels of Listening

Listening as an Leadership Act

Speaking From and Into Listenings

The Power of your Stories

Does the fish know that it lives in water? No, it doesn’t. Unless you take the fish out of the water and it sees water for the first time. In this talk, Sumit will help you discover how we all live in language and the power of our stories in creating our results. You will learn to look at and change your stories instead of swimming in them. Because when you shift your stories, you shift your results, and you shift your life.

You Will Discover 

Human Beings Create All The Time

How To Distinguish Stories From Facts?

When To (and not to) Trust Your Stories?

Befriend Your Emotions

To build the career you want, you’ll need to reinvent yourself many times and learn new skills and abilities. One such skill is emotional intelligence. Learn how we are all emotional beings, and how emotions are a matter of choice. Learn to listen to the “gold” that emotions can reveal about what we care about, and the emotions that empower and disempower you as a leader. Discover how to deal with difficult conversations productively and make it safe for people to address those emotions which are usually hidden.

You Will Discover 

How To Listen To Your Emotions?

The Importance Message Behind Each Emotion

How To Deal With Your and Others Emotions?

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