In the last few years, my biggest challenge has been around those who I believe had more economic privilege than me. My judgments stopped me from knowing and connecting the person at a deeper level. I had put economic power at a higher pedestal that stopped me from creating a relationship of equals.

This judgement and belief of mine had impacted me at various levels and one of them has been my confidence. This also impacted the resource generation I do in my role as founder of Share A Smile Foundation India.

I remember the first conversation I had with Sumit wherein he helped me in identifying my past experiences that have shaped my beliefs and judgement around money since then it has been a journey wherein I have been able to identify my patterns and have been able to initiate action to break it.

These action includes making requests and promises. I have made a promise to raise 1.5 crores in the next year for Share A Smile Foundation and I believe this will also help me break my judgements and stereotypes about those with economic privileges and help me connect and develop meaningful relationships.

In this journey of group coaching with Sumit, I have been also able to develop a strong support system for myself. Thanks to Sumit for creating this beautiful space for us to learn and grow. I have also started believing it is possible to grow 10x.

Ashutosh Nandwana – Founder, Share A Smile Foundation India

Before the coaching, I had a lot of self-doubts, narratives about my identity and potential to be. I had doubts about my capacity to take initiative in areas that were unknown and was struggling on taking bigger leaps for my growth that were out of my comfort zone.

Coaching was a new approach for me to start with as I realized I was not asking the right questions about my intention, self-awareness, and the direction I was moving ahead.

Through coaching, I am embracing my vulnerability, answering the deeper questions, taking small actionable steps towards my goals, and learning to take a step backward to move forward.

The sessions have been really impactful for me at different levels and supporting me in breaking down processes to set intentions, be aware, take action, and reflect to move forward. It has made me action-oriented by focusing on my dreams and bringing them into reality by living them every day.

I would strongly recommend coaching as the journey helps one to rediscover their potential and creates a pathway for them to move ahead with deeper intentions.

Sheetal Shetty – Social Entrepreneur

My biggest fear whilst working in change-making and gender was on feeling less vulnerable financially and individually, by virtue of running a hybrid social enterprise. I’ve since then been tangibly able to take action to make me feel at ease and deal with the fear of being alone and susceptible to shocks due to financial stressors.

I also am able to breathe at the moment on constant support from the peer group and the coaching on being in the today and doing what is within my power and control, expanding my choices, by shifting from a fear-based approach to action in incremental steps.

Sumit scheduled two introductory calls just for me to get a sense of what I could expect from the coaching. I found that the time he took to get to know me, hear my pain and commit to supporting me also helped me open up and build faith. I went with some trust in the process but also was wary of an unknown person and their ability to guide, support and steer building my leadership skills.

I’ve been proved that my faith has been more than rewarding. Sumit allows the space to bring in contradictory or diverse opinions without tending to incense or conflate opinions. He allows us to formulate our own choices and sticks true to the word of being an enabling coach.

Life has changed in my attitude and ability to proactively address crises. I hear within my own mind space some of the coaching conversations during a regular workday/personal day and it shows to me that this rumination within myself is what matters as a result of the relatability that Sumit creates through the coaching.

Sumit’s proactiveness to help at every request moves me. He makes connections swiftly, gives feedback judiciously on applications and is a huge moral support at times I’m daunted. Sumit helps me believe I am not alone, and I am valuable and supported.

Bharti Kannan – Founder, Boondh

 My main personal concern before starting coaching was to get some things to go out of me. And to make a plan how to do that. What I found out that being a perfectionist doesn’t make me happy. It makes me slow and grumpy. I am aware of that now.

Learning to be functional and productive in very complex environments is beneficial in making my goals. I am working on it right now.

You made me think about how I can develop myself as an individual and find an opportunity to do that in an organization. I learned to remember to be proud of my origin, which are my core potentials, and not to forget to inspire others.

I would recommend coaching with Sumit as he can help individuals to find/remember again their core potentials. It’s a sort of unstoppable energy source which could never get dry. 

Vladimir Nećakov – Architect

“I met Sumit during a leadership training he was giving and liked how he explained things, so I gave coaching with him a try.

As a result, I felt more confident and gained clarity on my values and strengths/weaknesses.

I liked Sumit’s way of questioning to properly understand what was bothering me. Sometimes it was not clear to me what the problem really was. With his questions, it was possible to find the right problem to attack.

I started a stretch project, wrote down my promises to myself, and started journaling as a result. This helped me get back on track myself when I felt lost. We also role-played different scenarios, which was very helpful.

I totally recommend coaching with Sumit. Having somebody who challenges your point of view and helps you get some clarity is key if you want to reach the high bar you set for yourself.

Daniel Rodriguez – Team Lead

I have benefited significantly from my experience with Sumit for coaching. Going into the start of our coaching sessions I knew that I was struggling with personal accountability and held a lot of fears around success and failure. I had some ideas of why that was, but I didn’t really understand it or have the tools or perspective to overcome it. 

Sumit quickly understands exactly what I’m going through each time I try to explain it. He always offers useful insights, exercises, and tools that appropriately address what I’m struggling with in a way that brings clarity, understanding, and excitement for moving through.

Since working with Sumit I am in a much more calm, confident, and positive place regarding my personal accountability and the goals that I am working to achieve that don’t depend on external accountability. I have and continue to utilize the perspective, practices, and tools that Sumit has taught me to separate myself from my past endeavours, successes, failures, achievements, things I didn’t achieve, and feelings of guilt and shame about things in the past. 

I feel much less burdened than I did before and genuinely excited to continue to improve my personal integrity and take on the uncomfortable tasks that I have avoided for years due to the fear brought on by the weight of all of what I had been carrying emotionally. Sumit helped me see how to approach the parts of business that I have been fearful of with the same lightness, excitement, fun, and courage I regularly have in pursuing my outdoors interests.

I highly recommend Sumit as an intuitive, knowledgeable, patient, kind, and excellent coach for helping you figure out what is holding you back from the things you want to achieve, and how to overcome them.

Carson Green – President at CyGen Technologies, Inc.

Before attending your sessions I was really disturbed, confused and had lost hope for my career, due to which I lost my confidence as well in my personal and professional life. I doubted that will I ever be the same woman as I was before marriage in India or just live life as a housewife, who struggles in taking every decision. 
After going through your sessions I gained confidence in interviews, facing new people or in personal life. It makes me feel alive, powerful again as I was previously. 
My biggest concern was that coaching will not help me in any way. To be honest, I thought it was a waste of time and money as I was not even aware of what coaching is. After attending your coaching, I must say your sessions can give hopeless people a new life, a new wonderful hope to live their life to the fullest and start a new and beautiful chapter. 
The biggest difference I can notice now is my ability to deal with any challenge that life throws at me. Previously I used to overthink most of the things in my life which mostly made me sick all the time. Today, I can deal with the biggest hurdles/challenges with a positive and calm attitude, without worrying about the consequences. Other than that I have learned exciting things, different ways to deal with different kinds of people, the importance of our breathing, and other exercises which helped me a lot to deal with my anxiety. 
Thank you so much for being a wonderful coach.

Palak Khare – Affiliate Marketing Manager

I was quite stressed and at my lowest in confidence at work. Coaching with Sumit helped me introspect to identify what I want to improve or change, giving me clarity and helped me formulate a better approach to identify my next challenge.

It also helped me identify my strengths and what I did well and hence re-instated my confidence in myself.

Sumit is very knowledgable in managing people, communications at work and dealing with emotions. He has excellent listening skills, and helped me understand my thoughts sometimes better than myself.

With specific topics like working with red people or attachment vs. commitment, I felt enlightened by what Sumit shared. Also he made sure we role played, which helped me see more clearly and get concrete takeaways from our sessions.

I am really THANKFUL to Sumit for all these sessions. 

Nidhi Kumra – Data Scientist

“What I liked best about coaching with Sumit was that we weren’t looking only at the “work” part, but also how it fitted into my life, my personality, preferences and core values in general. 

I found out that I have important strengths that I can use and help others with, that I always took for granted or wasn’t aware of.

Sumit asked very interesting questions on quite broad and important topics, which helped me split goals into different timeframes, and making sure that the long ones are “vague and free enough”, while the shorter ones are very clear with a push to action.

I would recommend coaching with Sumit, as it will let you take a step back, look at the bigger picture and important goals and values in your life, and see how that ties in with your work.

Karlijn Zaanen –  Data Scientist

Sumit has made me realize what my own true values and potentials are and most of all to embrace happiness.

I felt locked up inside myself and inside my home, but did not realize what impact that had on my posture and stressors until Sumit has helped me feel it.

While being in nature or during sports activities I feel like a strong woman. Through Sumit’s coaching, I have been able to go through other areas in life with that same feeling and posture.

Because I dared to feel strong, even in situations that are a bit more out of my comfort zone, I have created a life that is a lot more energized than before.

Being able to be who you truly are and realize your own potential is the best gift I have had!

Jocelyn Fanoy – Mental-physical Coach

I was a bit skeptical when starting coaching with Sumit, as I believed in common sense, but decided to try.

At first, I had short-term motivation boosts per session, later I found I could sometimes talk myself into one. This helped later, as I had a rough break-up, and was able to get myself together rather quickly.

Sumit helped me make peace with a conflict I had at work. Sumit asked bigger picture questions, forcing me to think more long-term than I was used to.

I felt I could trust Sumit, and freely speak about my emotions and the choices I have. I believe Sumit is a great coach to help define, set a plan, and stay fueled in an attempt to reach your Big Goal.

Iurii Piurbeev – Software Developer

I didn’t know what to expect and if coaching was for me. But the whole process felt like having a supportive friend who’s taking extra time to help me understand what makes me happy and motivated.

Which was exactly what I needed at that point in my life. I became more confident, more social, started making more friends, and getting recognition for my work.

While the process felt casual, it was also very professional and scientific, which I appreciated the most. Sumit would research the topic at hand, get experts’ opinions, see what others in my position did, and share all that with me. I liked the learnings from those conversations the most.

Being more motivated and less frustrated paved the way for a lot of growth in my life and career. 

I would recommend coaching with Sumit to anyone who feels that they can use a new perspective on what they expect from their life and career.

Cagdas Tekin – Software Developer

“After one year of coaching with Sumit, I feel that I’m able to better identify not only my priorities and my professional goals but also my personal objectives.

Throughout his coaching, I got to realise more of my potential, believe in my own strengths, and define the path to a successful outcome.

During our sessions, Sumit has always been calm, pragmatic, kind, and a gifted listener.

I would highly recommend Sumit to anyone looking for professional coaching. “

Foteini Zioga – UX Designer