“You can do anything when you do not have any thoughts blocking your vision.” – 

Anastasia Petrova is a serial entrepreneur and founder of MetaSouls.

“Our aspirations have become way bigger now. We are not limiting ourselves by our history.” – 

Parth Lawate is the co-founder & CEO at Tekdi Technologies.

“What I could have done in two months, I was able to get done in two days.” – 

Pradeep Banavara is the co-founder of Obvious Technology and ex-VP of Product at Swiggy.

“This is so big. This is dream material. This is what I dreamed of as a child. And there is absolutely no value you can put on having peace in your business and in your heart.”

Jennifer Delano, Founder and Owner at PRGoeroes 

“We have doubled revenues and 1.8X the number of people in the last 1 year. But more importantly, we are able to handle any challenge that comes our way with calm.” – 

Ashwin Date is the co-founder & CTO at Tekdi Technologies.

“At one point, my anxiety just vanished” –

Srilakshmi is an entrepreneur and a social Impact & Change Strategist for DEI & Sustainability Ecosystems.

“We have come back with an extremely empowered team. They connected on a whole new level. And what we did in those two days I’ve been trying to do for the last year. ” – 

Parth Lawate, co-founder & CEO at Tekdi Technologies.

Working with Sumit has changed the way I think. Before meeting him, I was trying hard to fix my weaknesses, but I should have concentrated on my strengths. Sounds obvious, right? Well, it actually feels mind-blowing – this simple shift of attention. As soon as you make this shift, you stop fighting with yourself and trying to eliminate something. Instead, you focus on embracing, accepting, and developing.

😨 Many people, including myself, aren’t afraid of failure, but are very much afraid of success. This fear blocks your actions because with great success comes great responsibility. This can be scary, especially when other people are involved. However, once you truly realise this, you immediately start acting differently.

🔑 There’s no point in trying to fit in when you’re made to stand out. Being nice, convenient, and common sense logical is not as powerful as being authentic and passionate.

🚶‍♀️ Consistency is literally the biggest part of your success, even more so than expertise. Consistency is key in everything, whether it’s building your personal brand or your dream body. We live in a material world, and to materialize things here, we need time and consistent day-by-day, drop-by-drop contributions.

❣ Most important: literally every action (writing an email, having a conversation, giving a keynote speech, making a phone call), should be done from the right state. What is the right state? First of all, a clear mind and rested body. People often don’t realize how important their energy is. When you enter a room, even before you open your mouth, people can feel you. Ask yourself – what feeling are you subconsciously transmitting? What do people feel when you enter the room?

Huge thanks to Sumit for these 6 months of working together, all the wisdom, and actionable insights .

Result: I’ve never been so confident and happy on my path. It’s a lifelong journey, of course, but the feeling of getting a step closer to the power to consciously shape your future is priceless.

Anastasia Petrova – Serial Entrepreneur

My experience of the workshop was super good. Very to the point and also fun. The build of the programme was very good.

It gave me some great insights into myself and really helped me to take the next steps in my career and personal life.” – 

Tecla Aerts, Manager Health Management, RET

“The workshop was exactly what I expected and I am really happy that I participated. It did the job.

The first day was tough, intense and confrontational and the second day was a highly energetic day and fun. I thoroughly enjoyed the coaching element of it.”

Siddharth Goyal, serial entrepreneur and product leader 

I saw the value of silence and slowing down. You had talked about it earlier – slowing down to speed up – but experiencing it was very different. What we were able to achieve in those two days was a year’s worth of work for me.

The highlight and also what helped us end on a high, was the acknowledgement and appreciation that we did. It’s hard for me to celebrate myself or appreciate myself. I used to feel that the purpose or the goal is enough for me to keep myself motivated.

I was completely amazed, surprised, or even touched by what people said about me. Almost everybody cried when we were appreciating each other. That was an emotional high.

Ashwin Date, CTO at Tekdi Technologies 


Not everybody, when we planned these 2.5 days, might have known what they were getting into. When we asked the team to be part of this. They have been part of other trainings. But they have realized now that this is very different. 

I don’t know how much I can acknowledge you Sumit. Thank you for the commitment you bring. You’re truly inspirational. I’m sure you work with a lot of organizations, but when you are here with us, you are here with us.

And like others said, it’s not just about one individual or the group. The feeling you create is that you are here for every one of us. And the commitment you bring is very inspirational.

And I think, short of you challenging us, and this is a typical problem that founders face is that we don’t have a boss who would challenge us. 

And I don’t think it’s about being the boss either here, right? You have also taught me how to be a good leader and how to challenge people that work with me.

Because if you’re okay with the current state of being, and if we don’t challenge ourselves and if we don’t challenge the people around us, we will just be where we are. So this ability to challenge without creating tension and creating acceptance of the challenge and being able to secure promises around that is a very, very powerful tool.

Parth Lawate, CEO, Tekdi after 2.5 day with their 24 member leadership team

Last year also we worked together and I see a lot of change in you as well. It’s a good change. It’s a polite yet firm style.

There are a lot of things I learned. There is a whole lot, I’m just summarizing in one sentence – there is a fair amount of clarity on what needs to be done, what should be my next 7 days, 15 days, and 3 months..”

Mandar, Tekdi Technologies

So before joining these sessions, I was a little bit maybe scared or curious about it because I never joined such type of session in a group, so there were a lots of questions in my mind, and, I was blind at that time because I’m not a classroom person, and so, the first day was heavy for me.

But the 2nd day was eye opening for me because whatever we did in the practices and the sessions, that actually I could relate with my current challenges. So, just like I said, I already got my answers from the 2nd day itself.

And I’m really directly relating with my challenges. And I’m thinking about how to implement with my team. So that’s eye opening for me.

And you said that any goal is not important without the commitments. And, we always set goals but without the commitment, and we can’t reach that. So, that’s my problem. So, after discussion with you, I learned that commitment is the one thing, it’s everything. ” – 

Deepak, Tekdi Technologies

Coming to this session, there was huge conflict because I knew that we are going to talk about commitment. And that being the difficult part for me, I already had some picture.

And then you talked about that it’s going to be tough. It’s going to be challenging. And then, somewhere I made up my mind that whatever it is, someday I need to face it. I was quite confused about saying yeses and saying no, and I know that there was confirmation from you that saying no is okay rather than saying yes and doing it. That has eventually helped.

This session started with removing some layers. I said to myself that this is going in a good direction. But I was very happy on learning about Expectations vs Promises. And for me, that was a eureka moment.

Because somewhere I knew how, but there was no absolute clarity. Few things were happening out of gut behavior, but putting clarity on each of these items was very great. Lastly the acknowledgement activity, it was great to see how much everyone is doing, because it was not just my acknowledgement, but how much everyone is doing to make the future happen..

Baljeet, Tekdi Technologies 

Though it was a group session, Sumit, you never make us feel like it’s a group session. You always made us feel that we are talking one to one. That makes a lot of difference,

And the way you are coming to us and acknowledging what we are doing, that is kind of what shows us the way that this is how things should be done. This is the way.

And I really, really acknowledge you for that. And really grateful for that. And the last exercise we did is actually kind of a telling us how important is giving. Okay, because you probably are always thinking that, you give me, give me, like, you expect to receive acknowledgement and you know, a lot of other things. But, it’s very important that you also need to give and give in such a way that it matters to the other person. So that’s really a great thing. 

Vinod – Tekdi Technologies

For me, the last three days have been truly life-changing, both at a personal and a professional level.

I spent a vivid amount of time to realize various things in me. And trying to understand what was the thing which was stopping me. And how I can pave the new way forward.

And so throughout all the group exercises, it was a great experience. And especially the last exercise that we did, it was really emotional.

And from now onwards, like, whatever 12 members I have interacted with, next time whenever I’ll interact with them, that won’t be the same, that is for sure. Now there is a more deeper connection with them while earlier it was more from a professional and transactional point of view.

Subranshu, Tekdi Technologies

My biggest fear whilst working in change-making and gender was on feeling less vulnerable financially and individually, by virtue of running a hybrid social enterprise. I’ve since then been tangibly able to take action to make me feel at ease and deal with the fear of being alone and susceptible to shocks due to financial stressors.

I also am able to breathe at the moment on constant support from the peer group and the coaching on being in the today and doing what is within my power and control, expanding my choices, by shifting from a fear-based approach to action in incremental steps.

Sumit’s proactiveness to help at every request moves me. He makes connections swiftly, gives feedback judiciously on applications and is a huge moral support at times I’m daunted. Sumit helps me believe I am not alone, and that I am valuable and supported.

Bharti Kannan – Founder, Boondh

In the last few years, my biggest challenge has been around those who I believe had more economic privilege than me. I had put economic power at a higher pedestal that stopped me from creating a relationship of equals.

This also impacted my confidence and the resource generation I do in my role as founder of Share A Smile Foundation India.

I have now been able to identify my patterns and have been able to initiate action to break it. I have made a promise to raise 1.5 crores in the next year for Share A Smile Foundation.

In this journey of group coaching with Sumit, I have been also able to develop a strong support system for myself. Thanks to Sumit for creating this beautiful space for us to learn and grow. I have also started believing it is possible to grow 10x.

Ashutosh Nandwana – Founder, Share A Smile Foundation India

"I saw the value of silence and slowing down. You had talked about it earlier - slowing down to speed up - but experiencing it was very different.

And what we did in those two days I've been trying to do for the last year. What we were able to achieve in those two days was a year’s worth of work for me."

Ashwin Date - CTO

"It's hard for me to celebrate myself or appreciate myself. I used to feel that the purpose or the goal is enough for me to keep myself motivated.

I was completely amazed, surprised, or even touched by what people said about me. Almost everybody cried when we were appreciating each other.

That was an emotional high. That was amazing and also brought the team closer together. We have come back with an extremely empowered team that has clarity on what it wants to do.

They're committed to working together and working on themselves, working on the organization, and taking, themselves to the next level and as a result the organization to the next level."

Parth Lawate - CEO

I have benefited significantly from my experience with Sumit for coaching. Going into the start of our coaching sessions I knew that I was struggling with personal accountability and held a lot of fears around success and failure. I had some ideas of why that was, but I didn’t really understand it or have the tools or perspective to overcome it. 

Sumit quickly understands exactly what I’m going through each time I try to explain it. He always offers useful insights, exercises, and tools that appropriately address what I’m struggling with in a way that brings clarity, understanding, and excitement for moving through.

Since working with Sumit I am in a much more calm, confident, and positive place regarding my personal accountability and the goals that I am working to achieve that don’t depend on external accountability. I have and continue to utilize the perspective, practices, and tools that Sumit has taught me to separate myself from my past endeavours, successes, failures, achievements, things I didn’t achieve, and feelings of guilt and shame about things in the past. 

I feel much less burdened than I did before and genuinely excited to continue to improve my personal integrity and take on the uncomfortable tasks that I have avoided for years due to the fear brought on by the weight of all of what I had been carrying emotionally. Sumit helped me see how to approach the parts of business that I have been fearful of with the same lightness, excitement, fun, and courage I regularly have in pursuing my outdoors interests.

Carson Green - President at CyGen Technologies, Inc.

Before attending your sessions I was really disturbed, confused and had lost hope for my career, due to which I lost my confidence as well in my personal and professional life. I doubted that will I ever be the same woman as I was before marriage in India or just live life as a housewife, who struggles in taking every decision. 
After going through your sessions I gained confidence in interviews, facing new people or in personal life. It makes me feel alive, powerful again as I was previously. 
My biggest concern was that coaching will not help me in any way. To be honest, I thought it was a waste of time and money as I was not even aware of what coaching is. After attending your coaching, I must say your sessions can give hopeless people a new life, a new wonderful hope to live their life to the fullest and start a new and beautiful chapter. 
The biggest difference I can notice now is my ability to deal with any challenge that life throws at me. Previously I used to overthink most of the things in my life which mostly made me sick all the time. Today, I can deal with the biggest hurdles/challenges with a positive and calm attitude, without worrying about the consequences. Other than that I have learned exciting things, different ways to deal with different kinds of people, the importance of our breathing, and other exercises which helped me a lot to deal with my anxiety. 
Thank you so much for being a wonderful coach.

Palak Khare - Affiliate Marketing Manager

There’s a clarity now, how I should go about myself, how I approach my future? Rather than just thinking, going from the past, that I come from the future and start. So that language also really helped.

And the way you conducted the session, with being very firm about timelines, etc., having 23 people with such a seniority, and the conversation can easily go here and there, with everybody sharing their perspectives but you managed it very well.

I really acknowledge that confidence you have on the stage to manage this, which probably I have to acquire that yet, thanks for that

Manisha, Tekdi Technologies

The most important thing I learned was the way you were coaching people. I noticed and I was counting actually how many times you gave an advice to people, but not a single time you’ve given an advice.

You’re just asking powerful questions and letting people answer and then you came to the conclusion. So I really like that part and I really want to adopt in my personal life that how to not go into advisory move, and how we can just ask the powerful questions so a person themselves find their ways and work on them. So that is a big learning for me.

KirtiKumar, Tekdi Technologies

I don’t have really words to appreciate youYou have given me the confidence to believe in myself more. I know I can do it but now I will do it with more courage.

So thanks, thank you for it. And discussing with all the team members, I feel like I opened up whatever the feelings I had for them. So now I don’t have any burden that someone is feeling something else, or whatever my clear intention for them are not getting communicated, I have communicated my clear intentions to them.

So, now I am, like, relaxed that I can discuss with them or I can work with them more easily now with empathy. thank you for that.

Snehal, Tekdi Technologies

I was quite stressed and at my lowest in confidence at work. Coaching with Sumit helped me introspect to identify what I want to improve or change, giving me clarity and helped me formulate a better approach to identify my next challenge.

It also helped me identify my strengths and what I did well and hence re-instated my confidence in myself.

Sumit is very knowledgable in managing people, communications at work and dealing with emotions. He has excellent listening skills, and helped me understand my thoughts sometimes better than myself.

With specific topics like working with red people or attachment vs. commitment, I felt enlightened by what Sumit shared. Also he made sure we role played, which helped me see more clearly and get concrete takeaways from our sessions.

I am really THANKFUL to Sumit for all these sessions. 

Nidhi Kumra - Data Scientist

"What I liked best about coaching with Sumit was that we weren’t looking only at the “work” part, but also how it fitted into my life, my personality, preferences and core values in general. 

I found out that I have important strengths that I can use and help others with, that I always took for granted or wasn’t aware of.

Sumit asked very interesting questions on quite broad and important topics, which helped me split goals into different timeframes, and making sure that the long ones are “vague and free enough”, while the shorter ones are very clear with a push to action.

I would recommend coaching with Sumit, as it will let you take a step back, look at the bigger picture and important goals and values in your life, and see how that ties in with your work. "

Karlijn Zaanen -  Data Scientist

Sumit has made me realize what my own true values and potentials are and most of all to embrace happiness.

I felt locked up inside myself and inside my home, but did not realize what impact that had on my posture and stressors until Sumit has helped me feel it.

While being in nature or during sports activities I feel like a strong woman. Through Sumit’s coaching, I have been able to go through other areas in life with that same feeling and posture.

Because I dared to feel strong, even in situations that are a bit more out of my comfort zone, I have created a life that is a lot more energized than before.

Being able to be who you truly are and realize your own potential is the best gift I have had!

Jocelyn Fanoy - Mental-physical Coach

I was a bit skeptical when starting coaching with Sumit, as I believed in common sense, but decided to try.

At first, I had short-term motivation boosts per session, later I found I could sometimes talk myself into one. This helped later, as I had a rough break-up, and was able to get myself together rather quickly.

Sumit helped me make peace with a conflict I had at work. Sumit asked bigger picture questions, forcing me to think more long-term than I was used to.

I felt I could trust Sumit, and freely speak about my emotions and the choices I have. I believe Sumit is a great coach to help define, set a plan, and stay fueled in an attempt to reach your Big Goal.

Iurii Piurbeev – Software Developer

I didn’t know what to expect and if coaching was for me. But the whole process felt like having a supportive friend who’s taking extra time to help me understand what makes me happy and motivated.

Which was exactly what I needed at that point in my life. I became more confident, more social, started making more friends, and getting recognition for my work.

While the process felt casual, it was also very professional and scientific, which I appreciated the most. Sumit would research the topic at hand, get experts’ opinions, see what others in my position did, and share all that with me. I liked the learnings from those conversations the most.

Being more motivated and less frustrated paved the way for a lot of growth in my life and career. 

I would recommend coaching with Sumit to anyone who feels that they can use a new perspective on what they expect from their life and career.

Cagdas Tekin – Software Developer

“After one year of coaching with Sumit, I feel that I’m able to better identify not only my priorities and my professional goals but also my personal objectives.

Throughout his coaching, I got to realise more of my potential, believe in my own strengths, and define the path to a successful outcome.

During our sessions, Sumit has always been calm, pragmatic, kind, and a gifted listener.

I would highly recommend Sumit to anyone looking for professional coaching. “

Foteini Zioga – UX Designer