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What is Deploy Yourself?


Deploy Yourself was born out of the desire to live a life that I can be proud of. It is my guiding light in life.

I regularly see smart and talented people undersell themselves and limit their dreams, desires, and results because of 3 main factors :

  1. They feel all alone and are afraid – not just of being exposed as a fraud but also of their greatness.
  2. They fear conflict and think working with others is hard – dealing with the relationships, conversations, and emotions.
  3. The third factor is different and personal for everyone. I’d ask you a few questions to find out what it might be for YOU…

People come to me feeling confused and stuck, and  leave feeling empowered, relaxed, and ready to take on that dream which had been “on hold” for far too long.

Allow me to challenge you to a new way of thinking, and make possible what you see as impossible now. Shine your own unique light upon the world, instead of following the path others have decided for you. 

My Core Values


We face moments of courage each day, and whether we act upon them or not can change our future. Through these ideas I am forced to be vulnerable and face my deepest fears daily. Join me.

Care and Compassion

Leadership begins with compassionate listening and honest conversations, even when it means asking the tough questions and looking where it is not comfortable to look.


I believe we all have the answers we seek within ourselves. Reflection and introspection is the foundation all daring journeys of future.


Integrity to me is Doing What You Say, and Saying What You Do. There is no progress, no conversation, and no leadership without Integrity.

My Story

My name is Sumit GuptaIn the last 15 years, I have led software teams in tech startups and big companies alike – both in India and Europe.

I know what it means to break something apart and pull it back together. It started with unscrewing my toys as a child. It later continued with computers.

When I started leading people in 2008, I thought I could apply the same engineering principles to human beings. I had no idea what I was getting into.

I have researched and studied the psychology and neuroscience behind human behavior and leadership. I continue to pay attention to details (like body language, emotions, words and tone of voice, etc) yet at the same time being aware of the totally unpredictable nature of human beings.

Today, I help people realise how powerful they areI am left in awe and wonder as I work with people to find and shine their own unique light upon the world. 

After moving to Amsterdam in 2014, I have also deployed myself as a travel and street photographerYou can view my best photographs from AmsterdamParisItaly, and IndiaOr, browse through my photo essay from the Kumbh Melaor from the Streets of Kolkataor these two from Naples.




“Sumit is very knowledgable in managing people, communications at work and dealing with emotions. He has excellent listening skills, and sometimes helped me understand my thoughts better than myself.” – Nidhi

“I didn’t know what to expect and if coaching was for me. But the whole process felt like having a supportive friend who’s taking extra time to help me understand what makes me happy and motivated.” – Cagdas

“I liked Sumit’s way of questioning to properly understand what was bothering me. Sometimes the problem was not clear to me. With his questions, it was possible to find the right problem to attack.” – Daniel