Hi, I’m Sumit gupta

I help successful CEOs unlock exponential growth by creating a TEAM of leaders who CARE about your company as much as you do.


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Deploy Yourself School of Leadership

I am the founder, and we are dedicated to elevating the level of leadership in the world.

You probably know that the old style of leading people is not working anymore.

Leadership today is like surfing in the ocean. You are either riding a wave or you are under one swallowing salty water.

I show leaders how to ride the waves while having fun

I’ve coached over 130+ entrepreneurs and leaders from over 17 different countries.

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Action, Presence, and Care

Are you Deploying Yourself?

Are you being deployed by circumstances, other people, their expectations and demands; or are you choosing to Deploy Yourself – on your own terms?

My clients reach levels of success beyond conventional hustle and struggle by Deploying Themselves at the below 3 levels.

1. Your Actions - The Visible Layer

This is what we usually focus on – our skills, doing more, being busy, working hard, etc – to create better results

2. Presence - The Hidden Layer

Presence is the quality of our being. It includes our moods, emotions, energy, and body. Unless we are present, we are operating only from limited bandwidth.

3. Care & Purpose - The Hidden Layer

 Identifying what we (and others) most deeply care about allows us to fire the fame & create exponential performance, alignment, and well-being.

Meet Sumit

Often, the toughest story to tell is your own.

🔥 What most people know about me is that I have been a software engineer, manager, serial entrepreneur, and photographer.

🔥 What most people don’t know about me is that I have spent a lifetime staying invisible. I have used my computer and camera as tools to hide behind.

I am gifted at helping you see your own potential because I have spent so much of my life hiding my own. I see where you are powerful even when you cannot.

There are moments in every leader’s life when they need someone they know they can count on. I am that person!

I combine my experiences as an engineer, 3x entrepreneur, leader in companies like Yahoo and Booking.com, and a poet and photographer – to help leaders merge the science of human behaviour with the art of leadership.

I am a stand for:-

✅  Help you show up as a leader to create results that matter while building strong relationships.
✅  Enable workplaces that nourish people rather than making them sick.
Create a world where we can discuss any issue with love – as comrades, not as adversaries.

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“When I first spoke to Sumit, I used to say that I am in a constant race and I don’t know what I’m running away towards or from. I used to have a whole lot of anxiety. It has come down a lot and allows me to operate from a sense of calm.

My whole perspective of time has also changed. What I could have done previously in two months, I was able to do in two days. Now I know  where I am headed and why, and I have learned to smell the roses on the journey.”

Pradeep – Co-founder of Obvious Technology and ex-VP of Product at Swiggy

“Sumit’s proactiveness to help at every request moves me. He makes connections swiftly, gives feedback judiciously on applications and is a huge moral support at times I’m daunted. Sumit helps me believe I am not alone, and I am valuable and supported.”

Bharti Kannan – Founder, Boondh

“Sumit quickly understands exactly what I’m going through each time I try to explain it. Since working with Sumit I am in a much more calm, confident, and positive place. 

I feel much less burdened than I did before and genuinely excited to improve my personal integrity and take on the uncomfortable tasks that I have avoided for years due to the weight of all of what I had been carrying emotionally. “

Carson Green – President at CyGen Technologies, Inc.

“I felt locked up inside myself and inside my home, but did not realize what impact that had on my posture and stressors until Sumit has helped me feel it.

While being in nature or during sports activities I feel like a strong woman. Through Sumit’s coaching, I have been able to go through other areas in life with that same feeling and posture.

Because I dared to feel strong, even in situations that are a bit more out of my comfort zone, I have created a life that is a lot more energized than before.”

Jocelyn Fanoy – Mental-physical Coach