Are you at a crossroads and unsure what is next for you?

Are you ready to turn your wildest dreams into reality with freedom, inspiration and joy?


My 1-on-1 coaching is not for the faint of heart.

My promise to You is to be direct & authentic without any sugarcoating.

And I will always have your back – like you have never experienced before. 

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Have you plateaued in your current role and unable to find direction or make progress?

Strained Relationships?

Do you find it difficult to keep everyone engaged, motivated and on the same page?

Stress & Anxiety?

Do you feel a strong desire to succeed but are uncertain about your abilities?

Feel Alone?

Do you feel alone and under pressure while dealing with all the change and uncertainty around?
Deploy Yourself School of Leadership presents:

The Choosing Leadership Coaching Program


Are you lost, confused and unsure of what is next for you?

Despite all your achievements, do you have a nagging feeling that something is missing?

Are you tired of doing the same thing over and over again but still not getting the kind of results you want? 

I know! It can be extremely frustrating and exhausting.

Do you feel like hiding somewhere because you are not sure if you have got what it takes to succeed?

I have been there! Being alone becomes excruciatingly painful, and you just keep yourself busy with meaningless activities. 

And doesn’t the experience become even worse because there is nobody you can share this with?

Wouldn’t you want to openly talk with someone who understands exactly what you feel and can give you the advice you can trust and need without any judgement?

Do you want to speak to someone who can:

  • show you what you are not seeing on your own,
  • and tell you what you need to hear and nobody else is telling you,
  • so that you can achieve what you can not even imagine right now?

If your answer to the above is yes, you have come to the right place.

    Together we will create frighteningly outstanding results in your life.

    You will be able to:


    1.  Anticipate change, stay balanced, and act fast with courage and confidence – even amidst uncertainty.
    2.  Overcome your self-doubt, insecurity, anxiety, and impostor syndrome.
    3.  Handle difficult people and conversations with confidence and ease.
    4.  Manage and outperform expectations – both your own and of others.
    5.  Say NO when you have to, so that you can say YES to the right things.
    6.  Live a more enjoyable lifeensuring health, family, passions, etc do not suffer.
    7.  Have purpose and direction each day and know where you are headed and why.
    8.  Influence and lead people through your presence, listening, and confidence.
    9.  Create a powerful future vision so that people look up to you naturally.
    10.  Create high-performing teams – with trust, responsibility, engagement, collaboration, and amazing results.
    11.  Manage & coach people to help them do the work of their lives.
    12.  Hold yourself and other people accountable and create strong commitments.
    13.  Be clear on what you stand for, what you bring to the table, and when to draw a line (boundaries) with courage.
    14.  Stay in an empowered mood and energy and lift others up – even when nothing is going your way.
    15.  Create daily, weekly, and monthly habits to make change stick over time.
    16.  Never feel alone again and have a trusted advisor (me) who has your back at all times.
    17.  Take pride, meaning, and satisfaction from what you do each day.

    Special Offer The program is open for only 12 participants in 2024. Only 4 spots are available as of 31 Dec 2023. 

    What Entrepreneurs & CEOs create after working with me?

    “What I could have done in two months, I was able to get done in two days.” – 

    Pradeep Banavaraco-founder of Obvious Technology and ex-VP of Product at Swiggy 

    “Our aspirations have become way bigger now. We are not limiting ourselves by our history.” – 

    Parth Lawate, co-founder and CEO of Tekdi Technologies

    “We have doubled revenues and 1.8X the number of people in the last 1 year. But more importantly, we are able to handle any challenge that comes our way with calm.” – 

    Ashwin Date is the co-founder & CTO at Tekdi Technologies.

    “This is so big. This is dream material. This is what I dreamed of as a child. And there is absolutely no value you can put on having peace in your business and in your heart.” 

    Jennifer Delano, Founder and Owner at PRGoeroes 

    How Does It Work?


    1. When we meet for our regular 1-on-1 sessions, YOU are the agenda! Everything I share is tailored to your goals and desires.
    2. You will get world-class coaching and feel listened to like you have never been before. Together we create miracles. 
    3. I show you the mirror by gently provoking you and telling you what I see without any sugarcoating. 
    4. We slow down & use first principles thinking to help you see opportunities even where everyone sees problems.
    5. You will be able compress space & time and produce results which were unimaginable earlier – while having scary fun.
    6. You will have unlimited access and ongoing support along the way like you have never had before. I will NEVER stop believing in you!
    Why can you trust me?
    You can trust me because:

    1. I have been where you are currently. I get it.
    2. I have learned my lessons the hard way. You do not have to.
    3. I have been a serial entrepreneur. I have risked and lost a lot.
    4. I have been scared, confused, lost, insecure, and afraid to be seen.
    5. I have invested over 13 years and $100k+ in my personal development and coaching.
    6. I practice and put to use everything I share with you in my own life. I live by example.
    7. I don’t take life too seriously, but I take what I do very seriously.
    8. I have researched human behaviour and leadership from multiple perspectives – psychology, neuroscience, systems thinking, philosophy, and eastern wisdom.
    9. I have interviewed and learned from hundreds of leaders.
    10. I host a podcast, give public talks, and guest lectures in business schools, and my first two books will be published soon.
    Why do you need a coach?
    I can not answer this question for you. Only YOU can do that.

    Leaders and high achievers in life don’t need a coach. They WANT a coach!

    I have had a coach for most of the last 13 years – I love having someone who believes in me and holds me accountable to a bigger vision.

    I love having someone who doesn’t believe the stories or fears that hold me back. I want someone who always has my back.

    Successful people benefit the maximum from coaching because nobody tells them what they most need to hear. 

    As a coach, my job is to SERVE you, not to PLEASE you – by sharing and asking from you what nobody else will.

    Are you ready to be brutally honest and get out of your own way? If you answered YES, then you should WANT a coach, not just NEED one. 

    What am I promising?
    I promise that:

    1. Working with me will change the trajectory of your life and work.
    2. You will learn to relax, smile, and have fun even while facing bigger and tougher challenges in your life.
    3. You will understand what it really means to be committed and what is possible when you show up with that commitment
    4. You will see things that you had never seen before – about yourself, others, and life situations.
    5. You will feel listened to with love and compassion in a way that you have never been.
    6. You will experience and learn what it means to be “present”, and what it means to Choose Leadership in every area of your life.
    7. You will want to spend more time with me, even if parts of spending time with me are challenging, provocative, and uncomfortable.
    8. The world you live in will change completely, not because the world changed, but because YOU changed and shifted so massively
    9. I promise to share what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. And no matter what happens, I will always have your back.
    What are my requirements?
    Here is what I require from you:

    1. Make our time together the most important. Not because you are working with me, but because we are going to fully commit to your life.
    2. Be on time. Do what you say. Stay in communication when things do not go as planned.
    3. Be willing to hear different & uncomfortable perspectives. To go beyond the rational mind and listen/speak from your heart & gut. 
    4. Practice & give it time. This is not just about intellectual understanding or school. Practice over performance.
    5. Be willing to be compassionate with yourself and take this journey with lightness.
    How much is the investment?
    My coaching programs are personalised to your specific needs and expectations. 

    They pack a lot of value and your investment will range from €15,000 – €50,000 for 3 months to 1 year of coaching.

    You will create at least 3-10 times the value of your investment. Your income will rise significantly, often exponentially.  

    The work I do is priceless and life-transforming. I serve my clients so powerfully that they renew year after year. 

    Game on! Wanna play? 

    How much time will this take?
    The coaching sessions themselves will be 60 or 90 minutes.

    Apart from that, I expect you to spend at least 30 minutes each day reflecting or practising what you learn.

    In 4-8 weeks or less, by being more present and aware in your life, you will be able to save at least 2 hours each day.

    So overall, this will save you a LOT of time. Your days and life will become simpler while your dreams & results will skyrocket.

    Who am I?


    Often, the most challenging story to tell is your own.

    What most people know about me is that I have been a software engineer, serial entrepreneur, manager, and a photographer.

    What most people don’t know about me is that I have spent a lifetime staying invisible. I have used my computer and camera as tools to hide behind. 

    I have spent so much of my time hiding myself that I now see where you are powerful even when you cannot.

    Every leader needs someone they know they can count on. If you are ready to commit & play full-out, I am that person for you!

    What others are saying?

    "I saw the value of silence and slowing down. You had talked about it earlier - slowing down to speed up - but experiencing it was very different.

    And what we did in those two days I've been trying to do for the last year. What we were able to achieve in those two days was a year’s worth of work for me."

    Ashwin Date - CTO

    "It's hard for me to celebrate myself or appreciate myself. I used to feel that the purpose or the goal is enough for me to keep myself motivated.

    I was completely amazed, surprised, or even touched by what people said about me. Almost everybody cried when we were appreciating each other.

    That was an emotional high. That was amazing and also brought the team closer together. We have come back with an extremely empowered team that has clarity on what it wants to do.

    They're committed to working together and working on themselves, working on the organization, and taking, themselves to the next level and as a result the organization to the next level."

    Parth Lawate - CEO

    I have benefited significantly from my experience with Sumit for coaching. Going into the start of our coaching sessions I knew that I was struggling with personal accountability and held a lot of fears around success and failure. I had some ideas of why that was, but I didn’t really understand it or have the tools or perspective to overcome it. 

    Sumit quickly understands exactly what I’m going through each time I try to explain it. He always offers useful insights, exercises, and tools that appropriately address what I’m struggling with in a way that brings clarity, understanding, and excitement for moving through.

    Since working with Sumit I am in a much more calm, confident, and positive place regarding my personal accountability and the goals that I am working to achieve that don’t depend on external accountability. I have and continue to utilize the perspective, practices, and tools that Sumit has taught me to separate myself from my past endeavours, successes, failures, achievements, things I didn’t achieve, and feelings of guilt and shame about things in the past. 

    I feel much less burdened than I did before and genuinely excited to continue to improve my personal integrity and take on the uncomfortable tasks that I have avoided for years due to the fear brought on by the weight of all of what I had been carrying emotionally. Sumit helped me see how to approach the parts of business that I have been fearful of with the same lightness, excitement, fun, and courage I regularly have in pursuing my outdoors interests.

    Carson Green - President at CyGen Technologies, Inc.

    Before attending your sessions I was really disturbed, confused and had lost hope for my career, due to which I lost my confidence as well in my personal and professional life. I doubted that will I ever be the same woman as I was before marriage in India or just live life as a housewife, who struggles in taking every decision. 
    After going through your sessions I gained confidence in interviews, facing new people or in personal life. It makes me feel alive, powerful again as I was previously. 
    My biggest concern was that coaching will not help me in any way. To be honest, I thought it was a waste of time and money as I was not even aware of what coaching is. After attending your coaching, I must say your sessions can give hopeless people a new life, a new wonderful hope to live their life to the fullest and start a new and beautiful chapter. 
    The biggest difference I can notice now is my ability to deal with any challenge that life throws at me. Previously I used to overthink most of the things in my life which mostly made me sick all the time. Today, I can deal with the biggest hurdles/challenges with a positive and calm attitude, without worrying about the consequences. Other than that I have learned exciting things, different ways to deal with different kinds of people, the importance of our breathing, and other exercises which helped me a lot to deal with my anxiety. 
    Thank you so much for being a wonderful coach.

    Palak Khare - Affiliate Marketing Manager

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