This is the Leadership Journey series on the Choosing Leadership Podcast.

I believe we all have a lot to learn from each other’s stories – of where we started, where we are now, and our successes and struggles on the way. With this series of interviews, my attempt is to give leaders an opportunity to share their stories and for all of us to learn from their generous sharing. If you know a leader whom you would like to see celebrated on the show, please send me a message on LinkedIn with their name.

Step into the fascinating world of data protection and entrepreneurship with Rob Masson, the Chief Executive of the DPO Center.

In this insightful interview, Rob shares his entrepreneurial journey, starting from developing software at the age of 18 to founding a globally recognized consultancy company.

Learn how the DPO Center’s unique ‘team first, client second’ philosophy shapes their approach to business, and discover the challenges and triumphs of managing a culturally diverse team across international borders.

Rob’s leadership insights, influenced by his passion for extreme sports, provide a refreshing perspective on tackling challenges and fostering a work environment where anything is possible.

Join us for a captivating conversation that transcends the conventional boundaries of leadership and business.

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In the interview, Rob Masson shares

  • “In our consultancy business, we provide outsourced data protection officers globally, adhering to various data protection laws. Our core philosophy revolves around our one team approach, putting team dynamics at the forefront.”
  • “My entrepreneurial journey began at 18, developing software for the advertising industry. Over the years, I ventured into e-commerce and software, eventually founding the DPO Center. Each experience shaped our philosophy, emphasizing the importance of a motivated and cohesive team.”
  • “Team first, client second – our unique approach ensures a happy team leads to satisfied clients. Focusing on team development and camaraderie is key to achieving our goals and delivering exceptional service.”
  • “Balancing team priorities with client needs is crucial. Our ‘one team’ philosophy helps us navigate challenges, emphasizing the importance of a supportive environment for individuals to thrive.”
  • “Our philosophy extends beyond borders, with a culturally diverse team representing 20 different cultures. Managing a globally dispersed team requires recognizing and respecting various cultural expectations and beliefs.”
  • “As a CEO, I understand the challenges of scaling a people-centric business. Our success hinges on attracting and retaining the best talent, making our rigorous selection process and team-building efforts crucial.”
  • “Our vision is driven by a robust business model with high recurring revenue. This stability allows us to invest strategically, focusing on global expansion while nurturing new talent in the privacy sector.”
  • “Empowering our Managing Directors to lead with autonomy fosters a culture aligned with our core values. It’s crucial to adapt to local nuances while maintaining non-negotiable principles at a global level.”
  • “Beyond my role as a CEO, my passion for fitness and extreme sports reflects my leadership style. Ironman’s ‘Anything is Possible’ resonates in my belief that, together, we can overcome any challenge presented to us.”
  • “Reflecting on my ultramarathon and Ironman experiences, I encourage our team to embrace the idea that ‘it’s only impossible until it’s done.’ This mindset cultivates an environment where achieving the extraordinary is not just a goal but an expectation.”