Welcome to Choosing Leadership, and this is another episode of the “Visionary Voices” series with your host, Sumit Gupta.

In this dynamic new series of episodes, I am bringing you thought-provoking conversations with visionary leaders who have reshaped industries, challenged norms, and carved their own paths to success. In a world where leadership is a blend of art and science, where the ability to navigate uncertainty is as crucial as driving innovation, we’re diving headfirst into the minds of those who’ve mastered the craft.

In this insightful interview, Joey Havens, a seasoned CPA and former managing partner of a renowned firm, takes us on a journey through the fascinating world of workplace culture transformation. 

With over 40 years of experience under his belt, Joey shares his secrets to success, highlighting the pivotal role of culture as the number one strategy for growth and profitability. 

From the power of personal faith to the courage required to prioritize people over immediate results, his wisdom offers a fresh perspective on leadership in today’s fast-paced world. 

Join us as we delve into the art of leading with significance, fostering resilience, and driving long-term success through a people-first approach.

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In the interview, Joey shares

  • “We decided we would make culture, workplace culture our number one strategy.”
  • “The more our culture got stronger, the more our business grew, the better our profitability was.”
  • “Success is all about me. Leading with significance is about serving the people you work with.”
  • “When you lead with significance and put people first, success always follows in big bundles.”
  • “We grew double digits the next two years as people really bought in, leaned into that.”
  • “Leadership is behaviours. It takes an authentic heart, truly caring for others.”
  • “Commitment starts with honouring the values and living them, so people see and believe.”
  • “People need goals and accountability. But it’s not about not having expectations; it’s about clarity.”
  • “A key to a magnetic culture is leaders trusting first, being vulnerable enough to trust.”
  • “Good is not good enough; always strive to be better, especially in an exponential world.”