Welcome to Choosing Leadership, and this is another episode of the “Visionary Voices” series with your host, Sumit Gupta.

In this dynamic new series of episodes, I am bringing you thought-provoking conversations with visionary leaders who have reshaped industries, challenged norms, and carved their own paths to success. In a world where leadership is a blend of art and science, where the ability to navigate uncertainty is as crucial as driving innovation, we’re diving headfirst into the minds of those who’ve mastered the craft.

In this captivating interview, we sit down with Chris, a seasoned entrepreneur and mindfulness expert who has navigated the complex terrains of both the corporate world and startup culture. 

With a background rich in diversity and a proficiency in four languages, Chris shares his remarkable journey of self-discovery, emphasizing the critical importance of internal alignment in achieving external success. 

He delves into the transformative power of mindfulness, offering practical insights on how to cultivate presence in our fast-paced lives and leverage it for personal and professional growth. 

Discover how Chris’s unique perspective on surrender and clear action can help you navigate leadership challenges with newfound clarity and resilience. 

Tune in to explore the profound connections between mindfulness, movement, and authentic leadership in this inspiring conversation.

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In the interview, Chris shares

  • “I grew up speaking four languages and always had the contrast of there is no absolute truth.”
  • “I was always in creator mode.”
  • “I had nurtured the external life so much that you can only go so far with that until the internal life starts to call you.”
  • “It’s realizing that everything we do is driven by something inside of us that needs more fulfillment.”
  • “The way we make peace with everything is to come out of resistance to them and to see them as they are.”
  • “Your true calling is something that, like the word implies, is calling you to something, which means you’re not ready yet.”
  • “As we heal ourselves, then we become healers for others.”
  • “Meditation is not a separate activity. It’s a state of being that we bring to the things that we do.”
  • “It’s always maintaining a connection to how we are feeling, a feeling state without judging the feelings.”
  • “Surrender is staying out of wanting the situation to be something it’s not. It’s already happened.”