Welcome to Choosing Leadership, and this is another episode of the “Visionary Voices” series with your host, Sumit Gupta.

In this dynamic new series of episodes, I am bringing you thought-provoking conversations with visionary leaders who have reshaped industries, challenged norms, and carved their own paths to success. In a world where leadership is a blend of art and science, where the ability to navigate uncertainty is as crucial as driving innovation, we’re diving headfirst into the minds of those who’ve mastered the craft.

Join us for an inspiring interview with Eric Holsapple, a seasoned business veteran with over 40 years of experience in real estate and economics. 

In this conversation, Eric shares his incredible journey from a successful yet unhappy executive to a mindful leader. Discover how mindfulness and purpose transformed his life and business. 

Eric offers valuable insights into the power of acceptance, the importance of aligning your life’s purpose with your business, and the role of mindfulness in leadership. 

If you’re looking for practical wisdom on becoming a more mindful and purpose-driven leader, this interview is a must-listen.

You can find Dr Eric Holsapple at the below links

In the interview, Eric shares

  • “Profit is not a purpose. Profit’s the result of a purpose-driven organization.” 
  • “Purpose is your North star. It’s the guiding light during difficult times.” 
  • “Acceptance is the first step to change. When I accept myself, then I can change.” 
  • “Mindfulness is tapping into your gut instinct and having the confidence to act on it.” 
  • “Being present is a major purpose in life – it’s recognizing why you’re here and being awake.” 
  • “Start with yourself. You’re the only one you can change to make a difference.” 
  • “Purpose can’t be that far off from the purpose in life. Align your business with your life’s purpose.” 
  • “Presence is accessible to anyone in any given moment, just be present.” 
  • “You can’t have a mindful corporation, but you can have mindful individuals within it.” 
  • “Start with yourself, set an empowering vision, and lead by example.”