Welcome to Choosing Leadership, and this is another episode of the “Visionary Voices” series with your host, Sumit Gupta.

In this dynamic new series of episodes, I am bringing you thought-provoking conversations with visionary leaders who have reshaped industries, challenged norms, and carved their own paths to success. In a world where leadership is a blend of art and science, where the ability to navigate uncertainty is as crucial as driving innovation, we’re diving headfirst into the minds of those who’ve mastered the craft.

In this insightful interview, join Neal and Tina as they delve into the world of empathetic leadership, offering invaluable wisdom and practical advice. 

Discover how empathy goes beyond mere sympathy and compassion, shaping their dynamic leadership styles. 

Uncover the compelling link between empathy and organizational success, as they explore the ROI of empathy and its impact on productivity and customer relationships. 

They share personal anecdotes and lessons learned, shedding light on how introspection and constructive criticism have fueled their growth as leaders. 

Tune in to grasp the transformative power of empathy in today’s ever-evolving business landscape, whether you’re leading in-person or navigating the challenges of remote work.


You can find Tina Kuhn and Neal Frick at the below links

In the interview, Tina and Neal share

  • “Empathy in leadership is about looking at the big picture, beyond sympathy and compassion.” 
  • “Empathy first leadership allows you to understand an individual’s perspective and adjust your management style to support them.” 
  • “The ROI of empathy is about understanding your customers, which directly correlates with sales and productivity.” 
  • “Trust is the foundation of a strong leadership team, and it’s built on communication and recognizing others’ perspectives.” 
  • “To be an effective leader, you must continue to grow, learn, and listen to others. Narrowing your viewpoint makes you a less effective leader.” 
  • “Empathetic confrontation is about solving problems and removing ego from the equation to benefit everyone.”
  • “Diverse perspectives shape leadership positively, leading to better decision-making and problem-solving.” 
  • “Empathy in marketing and sales means understanding customer needs and solving their problems with your product or service.” 
  • “Remote work requires deliberate leadership and empathy to build trust and maintain effective communication.” 
  • “Empathy is the key to successfully running a virtual organization, understanding team needs, and holding people accountable.”