Deploy Yourself





Find, Nurture and Deploy Your Most Authentic Self

“The first step toward change is to refuse to be deployed by others and to choose to deploy yourself.” – Warren Bennis 



Are you doing the best work you are capable of doing?

Are you having the time of your life while doing so?

Are you acting each day in a way you are proud of?


If your answer to any of the above questions above is not a resounding YES, I can coach you to understand, nurture and develop your most authentic self.

“Deploy Yourself” is a continuously evolving set of concepts and tools I have developed after coaching hundreds of people over the last 15 years.

Give yourself the freedom to shine your own unique light upon the world, instead of following the path others have decided for you.

My Core Values


We face moments of courage each day, and whether we act upon them or not can change our future. Through coaching I am forced to be vulnerable and face my deepest fears daily. And the fact that you are here shows that this is a moment of courage for you.

Care and Compassion

Coaching begins with taking care of what your coachee cares about. And it continues with compassionate listening and honest conversations, even when it means asking the tough questions and looking where it is not comfortable to look.


I believe we all have the answers we seek within ourselves. Reflection and introspection can reveal our true self and make all future journeys worthwhile.


Integrity to me is Doing What You Say, and Saying What You Do. There is no progress, no conversation, and no coaching without Integrity.

My Story

Before I began the journey which led me to Deploy Yourself, I have been a software programmer since 1999. Technology is one of my deepest passions, and I often write about geeky stuff on my tech blog.

I live in Amsterdam, where I am also a travel and street photographer. Take a look at my best photographs from AmsterdamParisItaly, and India.

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