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The Power of Slowing Down: Unlocking Peak Performance

In the fast-paced world of tech, it’s easy to get caught up in the frenzy, constantly chasing the next big thing.

But what if I told you that there’s incredible value in slowing down?

I am writing this as I am getting ready to board a plane to head off to India to lead a 3-day Leadership Retreat.

15 amazing leaders are going to retreat and slow down from their usual pace so that they can go beyond the results they are currently producing.

It is a paradox, which is why it took me decades to understand the value of slowing down.

Today, I want to challenge you to embrace the power of going slow and revolutionize your approach to leadership.

Here are 5 ways I slow down during the day, and how it can benefit you as well:

  1. Slow breathing – Take a moment to inhale deeply and exhale slowly. By practising mindful breathing, you tap into a state of calm and clarity, enabling you to make more thoughtful decisions and lead with composure. This is HUGE.
  2. Slow thinking – Instead of rushing to conclusions, give yourself the gift of presence to ponder and reflect. Slow thinking allows for deep analysis, creative problem-solving, and keeping your long-term purpose present in what you are doing now.
  3. Deliberate time slots for reflecting as a team – Just as marathon runners pace themselves, adopt a similar approach in your leadership journey. Slow down, assess the terrain, and conserve your energy for the long run. This measured approach ensures sustained success.
  4. Slow writing – Craft your words with intention and precision. Slow writing allows you to convey your message effectively, avoiding misunderstandings and fostering stronger connections with your team and stakeholders. Use audio and video messages to convey empathy, and passion, and to show how much you care.
  5. Slow eating – Take the time to savour each bite and nourish your body. When you slow down your eating, you enhance digestion, improve nutrient absorption, and recharge your energy levels, ultimately increasing your overall performance. Remember, a sharp mind can’t survive in an unhealthy body.

As I’ve incorporated these slow practices into my life, remarkable transformations have occurred.

I’ve experienced bold decision-making – like starting the Deploy Yourself School of Leadership, reduced anxiety and tension on the journey, and improved health – I have never been fitter and calmer than I am now, and I have fewer regrets. These benefits extend beyond the individual to positively impact your entire organization.

So, I challenge you to disrupt the “hurry culture” and embrace the art of going slow.

Remember, great achievements require a deliberate pace.

I recently recorded a video about the Vertical Dimension of Time, which is related to slowing down.

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Fascinating Articles & Stories


I interviewed 5 more inspirational entrepreneurs

I love talking to CEOs and founders as their stories are so humbling and even provocative at times. It is like looking in the mirror as an entrepreneur.

That leads me to sometime relistening to these conversations multiple times. Do you relisten to podcast episodes to allow them to sink in?

This is what I have been learning from these inspirational leaders:

  1. I learned from Mihails Scepanskis that “Motivation means trust in the future”
  2. I learned from Kilian Kaminski that “To be successful, you have to create long-lasting relationships.”
  3.  I learned from Adam McChesney the importance of “Exercise, meditate, read, focus on affirmations, and drink a gallon of water every day”
  4. I learned from Anthony Millin that “If entrepreneurship was easy, everyone would do it.”
  5. I learned from Marina Narishkin that “I don’t lose, I either win or I learn”


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