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Why creativity is the fuel for 21st-century leaders?

I wanted to get real about something I’ve been working on lately – getting more creative as a leader.

Early on, I bought into this idea that leadership was about having all the answers and executing plans. But as my teams grew, I hit a wall.

No matter how smart my ideas seemed, they didn’t spark that energy and inspiration I longed for. My technical expertise wasn’t enough.

I realized I needed to lead with creativity. But having spent years in analytical roles, this didn’t come naturally to me.

In one company, I led multiple software and AI teams. When we had a big failure, morale crashed fast. I scrambled to course-correct but nothing revived the team’s spirit.

That failure taught me leaders need creative thinking (not just new plans) to reframe setbacks into learning opportunities. We need to imagine possibilities that feel out of reach.

Once I noticed my developers struggling to innovate on an outdated tech stack. My solution? I assigned them the latest coding tools to learn after hours.

But my “efficient” solution backfired. Resentment grew as their personal time eroded. I failed to see that creativity can’t be forced through sheer effort.

That humbling moment revealed I needed to cultivate imagination more organically by sparking inspiration, not giving orders.

These mistakes taught me creativity must flow through everything leaders do—it can’t be compartmentalized.

Now as an entrepreneur, here are a few ways I’m trying to lead with more creativity:

  • I make time for activities that ignite my imagination outside work – writing, tinkering, photography. This fuels new connections.
  • I’m getting comfortable with half-baked ideas, sharing early sketches and embracing wild questions. This keeps me nimble.
  • I regularly invite creative talent from other companies into strategy sessions to mix things up. Fresh perspectives reveal breakthroughs.
  • I’m letting go of rigid agendas when inspiration strikes. Following energy unlocks our best thinking.
  • I celebrate failure and encourage experiments that fizzle. This gives people permission to play.
  • I make space for improv, prototyping, and other playful ways to unlock creativity, not just status updates.
  • I share my own creative struggles and ask for input. This models that creativity is vulnerable, collaborative work.

Creativity lives in everyone, not just “innovators.” It reveals itself when people feel safe to play, take risks and voice half-formed ideas.

But leading with creativity means letting go of the illusion of control. Here are a few key mindsets that help:

  • Seek surprise over certainty.
  • Value imagination as much as practicality.
  • Embrace play and whimsy alongside rigor and analysis.
  • Get comfortable with ambiguity and not having all the answers.
  • Stay open and responsive rather than rigidly attached to “the plan”.
  • Trust your team’s creative genius even when the path is unclear.
  • Know creativity gets messy but bears fruit when persevered through.

This remains a journey for me.

But the more I lead with creativity, the more ideas, energy and solutions flow. It feels aligned, joyful, and fulfilling.

I’d love to hear how you are embracing creativity in your organization!

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