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Unlock Your & Your Team’s Energy: 2 Surprising Questions

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about purpose and what truly makes us come alive.

We get so focused on goals and achievements. In the rush of doing, have we lost touch with what really matters?

I’ve been exploring two simple yet powerful questions that reconnect us with what we care about:

  1. What makes your heart sing?
  2. What breaks your heart?

When we get quiet and listen to what stirs our hearts, it tunes us to what really matters to us.

This is where purpose lives – in that sweet spot where what we care most about aligns with how we can serve best.

So how do we hear this purpose?

It’s not something we think up or strategize. Purpose arises when we get out of our heads.

It’s something we feel, sense, and perreceive when we pay attention to the pulls of our hearts.

It’s what life is asking through us. What wants you versus what you want?

Instead of asking – what do you want? – start asking – What wants you? – and see what answers emerge.

Or – What wants to happen through you?

The question “What Makes Your Heart Sing?” invites you to remember what brings you joy, wonder and meaning.

What activities make you lose track of time? When do you feel most creative and expressed? What did you love exploring as a child?

Pay attention to moments when you feel lit up, curious, and fully alive.

Your enthusiasms reveal what you care about.

For me, having deep, intimate, and impactful conversations where people open up and gain insights lights me up.

I love helping people realise how powerful they already are.

I also adore writing and synthesizing ideas. Taking complex topics and distilling them simply feels like play to me.

Maybe that is the engineer in me always looking to come out – now that I have stepped out of my engineering career.

What about you? When does time stand still? What could you do for hours?

Your heart’s joys point to your unique giftedness. By naming them, you remember who you are at your core beyond any leadership title or role.

The question “What Breaks Your Heart?” reveals what you most want to change, improve or create in the world.

What injustice, gap or suffering moves you to tears? What feels unbearable to ignore?

For me, it breaks my heart to see people holding themselves back and not going after their dreams. Nothing hurts more.

What unnecessary pain do you find unacceptable?

Your heart’s heartbreaks reveal what really matters to you. They show where your unique skills and talents are needed most.

The Intersection is Where Magic Awaits

When you can hold both what makes your heart sing and what breaks it, you have found your sweet spot.

It sits at the intersection of:

  1. What you are uniquely gifted at
  2. What the world most needs
  3. What brings you joy and meaning

This is the place you lead from.

Your purpose doesn’t have to be huge in scale. It’s about using your gifts in service of what matters to you, even in small ways.

Uncovering your purpose is an ongoing practice. It never ends. Even if you find answers to the above questions, the questions still remain open.

It requires making time to listen beneath the noise of life.

Here are a few tips:

  • Set a weekly intention to notice what stirs and breaks your heart.
  • Journal regularly on what brings you meaning, joy, and sorrow.
  • Discuss purpose openly with those who know you best. Ask for their insights.
  • Look back on pivot points in your life. What prompted the big change? What stayed constant?
  • Notice what lights you up and what depletes you. This reveals what’s in alignment.
  • Let your purpose evolve. Purpose isn’t fixed, it unfolds as you grow.

The journey of aligning with purpose requires courage and discernment. But when you tune your inner compass, your leadership becomes a powerful channel for results to flow through you.

You have gifts no one else does. And you see needs others overlook.

Keep leading from your heart and hit reply to share your biggest insights from the above.

I read and respond to every reply.

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I have interviewed 5 more investors on leadership

I have been busy interviewing and learning from VCs and investors in the last month. After interviewing more than 120+ entrepreneurs, I wanted to understand from the other side, from the perspective of the investor.

This is what I have been learning from these amazing VCs and investors:

  1. I learned from Vignesh Shankar that “Never assume that you know everything”. He is a Managing Partner at Artha99 Investment Partners with a background in Strategy, M&A, and Corporate Finance.
  2. I learned from Tom Horsey that “Creating something from nothing gives him real satisfaction.” Tom is a Business Angel and very early stage VC investor focused on founding teams based in Spain from any sector. He is also a co-founder of StartupLabs Spain and Malta which is an accelerator program focused on growth stage startups.
  3.  I learned from Mark Kahn that “Most successful entrepreneurs have some void that they are filling by what they do”. Mark is a Managing Partner at Omnivore based in India. He is funding entrepreneurs building the future of agriculture and food systems.
  4. I learned from Subrata Patra that “You can learn as much from a bad teacher if you are open to learning.”. Subrata Patra is the Managing Partner at IdeaCapital Ventures and an Alumnus of UC Berkeley Haas School of Business, IIT Delhi, and Jadavpur University.
  5. I learned from Anup Jain that “Culture is more important than any kind of strategy”. Anup Jain  is the Managing Partner at Orios Venture Partners, with previous leadership stints in Bata and Yum Restaurants. 


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