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Can you CARE so much that you do not care?

As a leader, what you CARE about defines you and determines all your results.

As a leader, you have a responsibility and commitment – to create powerful results – for all stakeholders involved. For example – If you are the CEO, you have a responsibility to

  1. grow your company (revenue and profit),
  2. provide value to your customers, partners, and local communities, etc
  3. build a healthy, fun, and meaningful place for people to work
  4. do the above while honouring your values, principles, or other standards of behaviour

As a leader, can you CARE so much about the above that you DO NOT care about your own fears and insecurities?

Can you CARE so much about the above that you DO NOT care about playing safe and staying in your comfort zone?

Can you CARE so much about the above that you DO NOT care about looking good and proving yourself right?

Can you CARE so much about the above that you DO NOT care about ease and convenience and instead do what is required?

In which area of your life, do you CARE so much that you DO NOT care?

What results could you produce in your life, work, relationships, and leadership if you CARE so much that you DO NOT care?

Reply back with any insights or areas you identified where you need to CARE so much that you DO NOT CARE.

I read and respond to every reply.

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Fascinating Articles & Stories


28 Lessons From Warren Buffett’s Annual Letters To Shareholders

Each year, Warren Buffett writes an open letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders. Over the last 40 years, these letters have become an annual required read across the investing world, providing insight into how Buffett and his team think about everything from investment strategy to stock ownership to company culture, and more.

These are the 28 best lessons on compensation, stock ownership, investments, leading people, company culture, etc.

Source: CB Insights


The best way to change behaviour – Tiny Habits

BJ Fogg is a behavior scientist, with deep experience in innovation and teaching. He’s directed a research lab at Stanford University for over 20 years.

He is an expert in behavior change, from habit formation to company culture change.

Key points from this podcast interview:

  1. Information does not lead to action.
  2. People change best by feeling good, not by feeling bad
  3. Create a tiny habit through an ABC process: anchor moment, a tiny behavior, and instant celebration.

From an episode on the Coaching for Leaders podcast


Leadership Journeys – Prakash Palani and Thomas Vles

I released two new episodes on the Leadership Journey series on the Choosing Leadership Podcast.

In the 19th episode, Prakash, Founder of BCS, opens up about his early childhood filled with struggles, and how he had no choice but to succeed. He shares how he created a life for himself through hard work and never giving up, and how he started his own company to give back to others like him.

We talk about leadership and responsibility, and he surprises me by sharing that he feels no pressure as a leader because everyone in his team takes equal responsibility. His leadership style, in his own words, is “people come first, everything else follows”.

In the 20th episode, Thomas, CEO at Tellow, opens up about realising how he was living a life that was not what he really wanted. We talk about the importance of focusing on yourself first, and the importance of happiness, friendships, experiences, and relationships.

He shares the wisdom of doing nothing, and the important role sports and exercise play in his life. In addition to leading his company, he climbs mountains, does kickboxing, races cycles, and has plans to make a movie. He knows he is more than what he does and doesn’t let work define him.

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