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“We can’t be of service to the world without truly knowing ourselves” – Yarrow Kraner

Yarrow Kraner is the Founder of HATCH and, is an Aspen Institute Fellow, RSA Fellow, a member of Catalyst 2030, and named 2015 top 100 creatives in the U.S. by Origins. He’s directed projects with Richard Branson, The Rock, P Diddy, and more.

In the podcast episode, Yarrow opened up about his childhood and shares how he was bullied at school where he was the only white boy. He speaks about how this experience allowed him to build empathy later on and understand his own privilege as a white man. He shared how this led him to start an organisation looking to find the superhero in every person, and how it continues to shape his leadership.

Find the full audio interview and show notes here

“Success to me is being the person you want to be and, to look in the mirror and just be good with it.” – Bojana Duovski

Bojana Duovski is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of YourNextStory, Concierge Amsterdam, and Dutch Uncle, and she is gifted to recognise and acknowledge talent and connect worlds that are too far apart.

What stood out during my interview with Bojana was how she dedicates time for her “Walk and talk”, which is, in her own words, “a gift of her presence that she voluntarily gives others”. She has done over 400 of these in the last few years, where she would walk and talk in the woods or in a park in Amsterdam with the other person.

Find the full audio interview and show notes here

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