This is the Leadership Journey series on the Choosing Leadership Podcast.

I believe we all have a lot to learn from each other’s stories – of where we started, where we are now, and our successes and struggles on the way. With this series of interviews, my attempt is to give leaders an opportunity to share their stories and for all of us to learn from their generous sharing. If you know a leader whom you would like to see celebrated on the show, please send me a message on LinkedIn with their name.

In the interview, Marius shares about his childhood and how growing up in a family of 6 siblings set him up for learning continuously and leadership. We also spoke about the very critical role of purpose to keep everyone together in an unpredictable environment.

You can find Marius at the below links

In the interview, Marius shares

  • Coming from a considerably large family, you can imagine that I had to fight for what I wanted or what was ours
  • I’ve learned that the best way to learn is actually to teach
  • When you create that environment people will not shy away from speaking their mind
  • you’re entering an area of unknowns and you’ve gotta be comfortable with the uncomfortable
  • you’ve gotta have trust in yourself and trust in the people that you are surrounded by
  • What keeps us together is that common purpose
  • The fear comes when you have an environment that’s commanding and controlling
  • We don’t fail twice on the same thing. We don’t make the same mistake twice
  • Some of the challenges we face are also self-inflicted
  • You need to say no to so many things more often than you say yes to. But those things that you say yes to, you know you wanna do them really well, and that will help you stand out 
  • I prefer to be the serving CEO than the commanding CEO.