This is the Leadership Journey series on the Choosing Leadership Podcast.

I believe we all have a lot to learn from each other’s stories – of where we started, where we are now, and our successes and struggles on the way. With this series of interviews, my attempt is to give leaders an opportunity to share their stories and for all of us to learn from their generous sharing. If you know a leader whom you would like to see celebrated on the show, please send me a message on LinkedIn with their name.

Join us in this captivating episode as we dive into the incredible journey of Stefany, a seasoned entrepreneur, investor, and technophile. 

With a passion for maximizing potential, Stefany unveils the pivotal moments that shaped their path, from delving into technology’s role in economic growth to pioneering AI-powered decisions at Palantir.

Discover how she navigates the challenges of entrepreneurship while staying grounded through their unique shutdown and startup routines. 

They reveal how dance, sports, and hobbies play a vital role in disconnecting from the daily grind and gaining fresh perspectives, proving that finding balance can amplify both personal and professional success.

Tune in to this inspiring conversation and gain actionable takeaways for your own leadership challenges, finding motivation and empowerment in her journey of entrepreneurial growth. Whether you’re looking to pivot, innovate, or foster meaningful relationships, this episode offers valuable insights that will resonate with you on your own journey. 


You can find Stefany at the below links

In the interview, Stefany shares

  • “Maximizing potential, whether in people or businesses, has been the common theme in my journey.”
  • “Technology was the multiplier of economic growth that intrigued me from the start.”
  • “Lean Startup methodologies gave me the power to iterate ideas and test their worth.”
  • “Turning ideas into reality takes humility, as seen when I went door to door testing hypotheses.”
  • “Failures can lead to unexpected opportunities; my failed healthcare venture birthed a new website solution.”
  • “Aligning incentives and building trust have been key to my evolving strengths as an entrepreneur.”
  • “I’ve learned that win-win situations are not just ideal; they’re essential for sustainable success.”
  • “Mindset shifts from ‘me thinking’ to ‘we thinking’ can drive better leadership and results.”
  • “Rituals like my daily shutdown and startup routines have transformed my productivity and self-care.”
  • “Dance, sports, and hobbies help me disconnect, stay grounded, and gain perspective in life and work.”