This series will look at leadership from the point of view of an investor or VC.

In each episode of this series, we will explore what traits, behaviours, or red flags investors see in the leaders that they work with – and how founders evolve over time as they become better leaders.

Anoop Mohan is the  Managing Partner at Freespirit Ventures. He has successfully exited 3 ventures, and invests in early stage FinTech, Media, Gaming and Crypto based startups.  

Discover the fascinating journey of Anoop, with 14 years of corporate experience, he ventured into the startup world, experiencing three successful exits along the way. 

Free Spirit Ventures, his brainchild, represents his unrestricted approach to investing, where risk capital is injected at the early stages to shape innovative ideas. 

His leadership philosophy revolves around adaptability, recognizing that different situations demand different leadership styles. He supports founders in navigating challenges and shares invaluable insights gained from his own past failures and setbacks. 

In the ever-changing landscape of finance and entrepreneurship, he emphasizes the importance of being agile, flexible, and prepared for both successes and downturns.

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In the interview, Anoop shares

  • “Prescreen Venture, a London-based investment firm, specializes in portfolio investments across FinTech, tech, web three, gaming, and media.”
  • “At Free Spirit Ventures, we invest in early-stage ideas and work closely with founders to shape and develop their products.”
  • “The name ‘Free Spirit Ventures’ reflects our risk-taking approach and our willingness to embrace new opportunities.”
  • “In the investment field, adaptability is crucial. We navigate the diverse worlds of finance and entrepreneurship by adjusting our strategies to fit each unique situation.”
  • “Leadership skills are important, but situational leadership is key. We help founders adapt their leadership styles to the specific challenges they face.”
  • “Learning from failures is vital, but success can also present challenges. Allocating resources for both good and bad times is essential for sustainability.”
  • “In times of success, it’s important to strike a balance. Enjoy the moment, but also allocate resources for future expansion or unforeseen challenges.”
  • “Building a sustainable business requires a strong network. Supporting and helping each other within the same network can make navigating tough times easier.”
  • “Coaches and advisors play a crucial role in helping founders navigate challenges. Today’s coaches and advisors bring a wide range of networks and connections to provide effective support.”
  • “As an investment firm, our vision is to carefully manage our current investments while seeking new opportunities that align with our expertise and commitment to growth.”