This series will look at leadership from the point of view of an investor or VC.

In each episode of this series, we will explore what traits, behaviours, or red flags investors see in the leaders that they work with – and how founders evolve over time as they become better leaders.

Francisco Badia is the Managing Partner at Grow Venture Partners and the author of “Meaningful Entrepreneurship”. he enjoys helping Founders create and grow their companies especially in their early stages.

Step into the fascinating world of venture capital with an insightful interview featuring a seasoned leader, discussing the importance of purpose-driven entrepreneurship and meaningful leadership. 

Meet the charismatic founder of Grow Venture Partners, a Barcelona-based VC firm specializing in tech transfer. With a focus on helping scientists transition from academia to entrepreneurs, their purpose lies in shaping better founders who create both wealth and jobs with a positive impact. 

As you delve deeper, discover the pivotal role of purpose in startup success and failure. Explore the power of listening, bringing people together, and embracing resilience on the entrepreneurial journey. Uncover the unexpected link between meditation, gratitude, and building meaningful companies. 

Gain a glimpse into the investment criteria of Grow Venture Partners, emphasizing deep tech, sustainability, and MedTech. Finally, find out how to reach out to this passionate leader and explore potential collaborations. 

Embark on this captivating interview and gain valuable insights for your own leadership challenges in a friendly and engaging tone.

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In the interview, Francisco shares

  • “Our purpose is to shape better founders, helping scientists transition from academia to entrepreneurs, creating wealth and jobs with a positive impact in our world.”
  • “Good leaders have a clear purpose and the ability to transmit that meaningfulness to their team, fostering a collective sense of purpose.”
  • “Leadership is about listening, bringing people together, and empowering those who can do things better than you.”
  • “Startups driven by meaningfulness and purpose exhibit resilience in the face of challenges, setting them apart from those solely motivated by financial gain.”
  • “Understanding an entrepreneur’s why is crucial in discerning whether they are driven by purpose or material success.”
  • “Encouraging founders to write down the purpose of their company and regularly revisit it helps align decision-making and navigate challenging situations.”
  • “Meditation and finding meaning can be transformative for entrepreneurs, providing clarity, resilience, and gratitude.”
  • “Living with thankfulness and adopting a service-oriented mindset is crucial for effective leadership.”
  • “Our venture capital firm invests in deep tech, sustainability energy, and MedTech companies with a focus on impact investing and positive societal change.”
  • “Real transformation requires emotional engagement and action, going beyond intellectual understanding and reading alone.”