This series will look at leadership from the point of view of an investor or VC.

In each episode of this series, we will explore what traits, behaviours, or red flags investors see in the leaders that they work with – and how founders evolve over time as they become better leaders.

Paulina Jansch is the Founding Partner at Leanox Impact Capital and one of the TOP 100 most influential women in the European VC and startup space. 

In this engaging conversation, she shares her journey and the organic growth of Leanox, a startup consultancy turned venture capital firm. With a background in finance and project management, Paulina brings people together, organizes processes, and evaluates companies based on facts and figures. 

Paulina’s drive to make a difference comes from her involvement in female empowerment, having worked with human trafficked women. The realization that female founders were not getting equal opportunities led her to establish Leanox’s vision of a balanced ecosystem where both male and female founders thrive. 

She emphasizes the importance of education, dialogue, and unlearning biases to achieve equality. The challenges they face include creating a mindset shift and navigating cultural differences when giving feedback. 

Join this insightful interview to gain valuable insights on leadership challenges, impact investing, gender parity, and fostering a culture of open communication. Get inspired to make a difference and contribute to a more inclusive and equitable world. 

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In the interview, Paulina shares

  • “We started Leanox because we wanted to become founders again and support startups with financial planning, fundraising strategies, and valuations.”
  • “At Leanox, we invest in early-stage startups that have impact at their core.”
  • “Our vision at Leanox is to achieve gender parity in the startup ecosystem by investing 50% in female founders and raising capital from 50% female investors.”
  • “We believe in educating people about discrimination and biases to create a more inclusive society.”
  • “Supporting each other and seeking mentorship is crucial in fighting against gender inequality and empowering women.”
  • “We support our founders both financially and through our expertise in impact investing.”
  • “Navigating difficult conversations with founders requires cultural sensitivity and adapting feedback styles.”
  • “We create a feedback culture that focuses on highlighting successes and providing constructive feedback for growth.”
  • “Building relationships based on listening and understanding is key to effective communication and collaboration.”
  • “The joy and satisfaction come from working with courageous individuals who strive to make a positive change in the world and seeing our company grow from scratch.”