This series will look at leadership from the point of view of an investor or VC.

In each episode of this series, we will explore what traits, behaviors, or red flags investors see in the leaders that they work with – and how founders evolve over time as they become better leaders.

Anil Joshi is the Managing Partner at Unicorn India Ventures. Previously, he was heading operations at Mumbai Angels and Bangalore Angels, leading Angel Investment forums in India as President. He is also a mentor with various incubation centres and a speaker on startups and early stage investment.

In this insightful interview, we delve into the extraordinary journey of our guest, who stumbled into the world of startups and strategic investments by accident, only to discover a deep passion for supporting and nurturing innovative ventures. 

From working in India’s largest engine network to collaborating with thought leaders and assisting international businesses in entering the Indian market, their wealth of experience brings invaluable lessons for leaders facing diverse challenges. 

Discover the contrasting leadership styles required in large organizations versus startups, as well as the unique qualities that founders bring to the table, whether they’re seasoned professionals or fresh graduates. 

Get ready to be inspired as we explore the accidental path to success and the joy found in navigating the dynamic startup ecosystem. 

Tune in for a friendly and engaging conversation that will leave you motivated and armed with practical insights for your own leadership journey.

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In the interview, Anil shares

  • “My journey to where I am today was unplanned and accidental, transitioning from a successful corporate career to strategic investments and becoming part of Mumbai Angels.”
  • “I’ve had a diverse professional background, ranging from working in India’s largest engine network to being a consultant and eventually finding my passion in the startup world.”
  • “I had the opportunity to interact with thought leaders and assist international businesses in establishing their presence in India, which provided invaluable learning experiences.”
  • “I was exposed to the startup ecosystem in India even before it gained significant momentum, giving me a unique perspective on its growth and development.”
  • “As an investor, I’ve witnessed the contrasting leadership styles required in large organizations versus startups, and understand the challenges faced by founders in building effective leadership teams.”
  • “In startups, founders often play multiple roles, taking on responsibilities from CEO and CMO to HR and finance, until the organization matures and a proper leadership structure can be established.”
  • “Supporting young founders, who may lack experience but possess great potential, is a crucial aspect of my role as an investor. Providing guidance and acting as a sounding board helps them navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship.”
  • “Every founder brings unique qualities to the table, whether they have years of industry experience or are fresh out of college. Both groups benefit from learning, making mistakes, and developing their leadership skills over time.”
  • “My current role in strategic investment and being part of Mumbai Angels was never planned, but it has become my passion. The accidental nature of my journey has allowed me to thrive in identifying promising ventures and working with them.”
  • “Being exposed to the startup world and witnessing the growth and success of innovative companies brings me immense joy and a sense of gratitude. It’s a reminder that when you love what you do, excellence follows naturally.”