This is the Can’t Stay Silent series on the Choosing Leadership Podcast.

For most of my life, I have kept my voice buried beneath layers of fear and insecurity. In each episode of this series, I will find the strength to express myself from the bottom of my heart.

These short episodes will be filled with honest reflections, simple stories and metaphors, and some gentle provocations – all to help you Deploy Yourself in your own life.

Together, we’ll discover how we can create a world where all of us can show up as leaders. So, if you are ready to allow the leader in you to bravely listen to my call of leadership, join me on Can’t Stay Silent.

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Show Notes

  • How being smart and intelligent leads you to never having enough time?
  • He said that my biggest challenge is time. Or my biggest enemy is time. He said that I am super ambitious. I have this drive, this energy. I’m very smart. I know what to do, but I never have enough time. 
  • What if being smart and very good with planning leads you to never having enough time?
  • normally we see time as a horizontal time shift. Like we see time as something which is coming from the past and going to the future. We see time on the calendar. We see time as a minutes, we see time as hours and  seconds. And we also, we always see time on this dimension right. That it is running out. 
  • as long as we have this mindset about time. It only means that there is limited time. That’s one. Naturally. way for dealing with time horizontally. That there is only limited time.
  • They will never be enough time. In fact,  there cannot ever be enough time For your dreams for your potential, for your leadership, which are infinite as they should be. 
  • What if there’s also a vertical dimension to time, which is not finite, which is infinite. And which is always available to us. And which is a never-ending.
  • It’s a choice that we always have. To continue operating the way that we have been in the horizontal dimension of time driving. Thinking overthinking with our brains. And always ending up with time as an enemy, with never having enough time. 
  • Or we can slow down. We can stop. We can sense we can listen. We can go deep and we can see what is an oppurtunity, which is here. What is an opportunity that can lead to those big exponential results.
  • it is very important to recognize when your strengths are becoming a liability. Any strength. Even of being. Super smart or having an . High IQ. If you cannot choose to when to use it. And when not to use it. It becomes a liability.
  • you’re totally missing out on playing some shots. which can give exponential results, but which are only accessible when you access the vertical dimension of time. 
  • It requires you to be present. It requires you to slow down the rush.
  • When you get this, your life will never be the same again.