This is the Can’t Stay Silent series on the Choosing Leadership Podcast.

For most of my life, I have kept my voice buried beneath layers of fear and insecurity. In each episode of this series, I will find the strength to express myself from the bottom of my heart.

These short episodes will be filled with honest reflections, simple stories and metaphors, and some gentle provocations – all to help you Deploy Yourself in your own life.

Together, we’ll discover how we can create a world where all of us can show up as leaders. So, if you are ready to allow the leader in you to bravely listen to my call of leadership, join me on Can’t Stay Silent.

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Show Notes

  •  life Is the balance. between making things happen. And letting them happen.
  • The moment we try to force or the moment anybody, or anything tries to force something. It creates friction.
  • Nobody likes resistance. When we push people, they push back. 
  • We can create anything which we are creating as leaders with or without force. And that is something I think, which is the balance between making things happen and letting them happen. 
  • You cannot force music. You have to let it flow.
  • If a musician is trying to force. The music. Or if a singer is trying to force the singing, it loses its beauty.
  • Trying to control something or somebody’s always create friction because it is not natural. 
  • You must learn to use the right leverage at the right time. You must learn to use the right action. At the right time. Or do the right thing. At the right time. Which is not forcing against anything, which is natural.
  • You cannot force yourself to fall asleep. Now sleeping is as natural. As it can be. Everybody sleeps. But you have to let yourself fall asleep. Everything else works the same way.
  • It doesn’t mean that you do not do anything or it is wrong or bad to do something. But you identify actions, would you use leverage or which flow with the natural flow of things and then you take them.
  • And it is only when you stop trying to go to sleep, that you can fall asleep. And it is only when you stop trying to play. Beautiful music that the beautiful music. Can actually flow or happen through you. The best musicians are not who can play the fastest or the most number of hours in a day. The best are those who let the music flow through them. And let their action and their bodies be guided by that flow.
  • Just because letting anything be or letting something happen is so uncomfortable for us to be there with our own self in silence and solitude. That we try to fill that gap with forcing something and that creates a  whole lot of problems on the outside.
  • It is only in silence and in solitude with yourself that you can understand. What is yours to make happen? What is it that calls you? And what is it that deeply matters to you? 
  • we can let go of wanting to be somewhere else. Where we are right now. Right. The whole point of music. Is what you are listening to right now, not what you are going to listen to five seconds or five hours in the future. The whole point of dancing is the dance itself. Not to get somewhere else.. So wanting to be anywhere else is forcing an idea. 
  • this is a paradox, right? By trying to make things happen. We actually make it difficult for them to happen. 
  • Stop taking things too seriously all the time. And it is only by stopping to take something too seriously that we can be serious. About doing the best that we can in any given moment. 
  • For your commitment to be strong. You have to hold it firmly, but not too tightly. 
  • There is no forcing or pushing when you’re fully committed to something. Your commitment has its own flow. Once you commit to something, it has its own flow. Just like everything else in nature. 
  • We forget that work can be musical too, because work is nature and nature is musical just by its own nature. We forget that politics can be musical too. We forget that the biggest debates or social issues of our time. Can also be like music and nature. 
  • Let it happen. Learn to use the right action at the right time. Learn to use the right leverage. At the right time.