This is the Can’t Stay Silent series on the Choosing Leadership Podcast.

For most of my life, I have kept my voice buried beneath layers of fear and insecurity. In each episode of this series, I will find the strength to express myself from the bottom of my heart.

These short episodes will be filled with honest reflections, simple stories and metaphors, and some gentle provocations – all to help you Deploy Yourself in your own life.

Together, we’ll discover how we can create a world where all of us can show up as leaders. So, if you are ready to allow the leader in you to bravely listen to my call of leadership, join me on Can’t Stay Silent.

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Show Notes

  • We have the same two choices we can. Uh, we can look down and we can be afraid of falling. Or we can look up. To where we want to go. And. Take a flight.
  • Looking at the sky, but not taking the flight. Serves no one. It doesn’t serve me. Doesn’t serve those around me.  Doesn’t serve the companies that I’m working with.
  • There’s nothing wrong with it. There’s nothing wrong about it. Uh, feeling fear. There is nothing wrong with wanting security. Uh, but at the same time, it doesn’t help you get where you say that you want to go.
  • obviously, in the physical world, we do not have wings like birds. Do. But I am talking from the context of leadership and in the leadership world. We do have wings. And perhaps we have never opened them. Perhaps we have never believed that we can fly. 
  • Another way to ask this question. If you had wings, where would you fly to? Or if I stop using metaphorical language and use more direct language I can ask you – If you could not fail. What would you do? Or if you had complete freedom, what would you do?
  • it’s not like the bird who flies doesn’t have fear. And it is not like, like the entrepreneur leader who goes after the impossible, and doesn’t have fear. But I don’t think I have been. More fearful. Uh, I have experienced fear more this year than any other year. 
  • But at the same time, I have not stopped myself because of the fear. And that’s the difference between fear and courage or the fall or flight like the flight is acknowledging that. You can fall and still. Flying still opening up your wings and flying. 
  • And it’s a choice. It’s a choice, what do you trust more? Do you trust gravity more or do you trust your commitment, your skill. That even if gravity wins it’s okay. Like, even if you fall down, you will get back up.