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How to increase your impact & well-being by doing less?

As entrepreneurs and leaders, we all want to increase our impact.

However, we all end up blindly and unconsciously equating “doing more” to “increasing impact”.

What I have found is the opposite – increasing impact is about doing less while being more focused and aware.

We all tend to fill up our days and tolerate too many meaningless activities.

Do you have certain habits or activities that you know doesn’t add to the impact you want to make? Like:

  • checking your phone too often
  • snacking on unhealthy food
  • watching TV or occupying yourself with distractions like ‘news’
  • getting triggered and reactive with people
  • not saying NO to unnecessary meetings and people
  • not expressing what you really want to express

The more you eliminate such meaningless activities the more focused and aware you can be.

That is not always easy. But certainly possible. One step at a time.

Our minds are smart. We do not like to be proven wrong.

This is why our mind will often invent a good reason to keep the meaningless habit or activity there.

However, when you drop down into your body and let your attention go to your heart and gut, you will know what are such meaningless activities in your life. (key point here – awareness is not thinking)

What is the most important habit or thing that you know you should get rid of?

Do not go to your mind for an answer. Let your body – your heart and gut – answer.

Once you have identified it, it is simply about making a choice – the choice to let it go.

It is not easy, and you might experience resistance, but leadership is about choosing your choices, actions, and habits.

Which action or habit are you letting go of in 2023?

Reply back and share how your well-being and impact will increase in 2023 after making this choice and Deploying Yourself!!!

I read and respond to every reply.

Fascinating Articles & Stories


“The CEO is not the most important person in the company” – Thomas Van Eeckhout

I interviewed Thomas Van Eeckhout, CEO of Easi on the Choosing Leadership podcast. We talked about:

  • We really have a default YES Culture, whereas I think most companies have a default NO culture.
  • We need to create a context where people can be successful, a context, where people can actually be happy at work. 
  • We need to have, as a company, we need to have a personality. People, both potential customers and candidates, people that, that might come to work with us. They really have to feel in what way we are different from other companies.
  • The main challenge is to stay true to who we are
  • It’s about consistently putting our words into practice. We really need to practice what we preach
  • I might be a CEO at Easi. Whenever I’m at home  I forget the CEO part and I’m just doing whatever my girls want me to do. . Um, so I’m not very I don’t have much authority at home. I basically just try to raise. I try to raise girls that I’m proud of.
  • Whenever I experienced pressure, it was always pressure that I invented myself

Listen to the entire episode.


“Whatever you have, make the best out of it.” – Bharanidharan

I interviewed serial entrepreneur Bharanidharan, CEO of 91mobiles.com on the Choosing Leadership podcast. We talked about:

  • whatever you have, make the best out of it. when you don’t have many privileges and opportunities, you have to learn to make the best out of it and accept what you have.
  • You don’t have to do everything in one stretch
  • it’s a very difficult journey to go through, you know because you will have an innate fear that, uh, nobody in the company will be able to operate at your level, right? As a human being. Most of us fall in that trap. Uh, but it’s important to realize that, et cetera. Otherwise, you are on a treadmill constantly. 
  • I completely agree with this because money and title are hygiene, but people want purpose and culture and values beyond that.
  • it’s important that you have some breathing space to reflect upon what is happening, otherwise, you are constantly Reacting to the world.
  • Don’t worry about the outcome because you are given everything. The best will happen. Trust the process.
  • I have invested in myself to understand more about myself. 

Listen to the entire episode.


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