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5 Reminders for You – for when you forget

For a couple of years now, I have had these 5 reminders in front of me always – both digitally and physically.

They are hanging on my monitor as post-it notes so that I never forget their message.

And they are on one of the open Stickies on my mac to make sure I see them every now and then.

And each time I am stuck or feeling low and disempowered, a glance at these reminders and a deep breath makes me feel better.

Sometimes I can do this (deep breathing & reminding myself) 10-20 times in an hour if there is a particularly stressful meeting or situation.

And the impact is immediate and transformative. I am able to stay grounded, centred, and have conversations from choice instead of from past repeated and unconscious patterns.

As a result, this year is one of my most transformative ever – for both inner growth and results in the outer world. The 5 reminders are –

  1. You are enough. Never better or lesser than anyone else. You have what it takes. You have all the answers within you.
  2. There are no ordinary moments. There is only “now”. Learn to meditate in every action.
  3. You always have the choice to respond. Take responsibility.
  4. Do not take yourself too seriously. However, be impeccable with your word.
  5. Stand for something bigger than yourself. Take action in service and for its own sake.

I share these with everybody I work with. As we all forget them from time to time. If you prefer video and want more detail, see below.

It is time to start thinking about 2023. I am looking for my next superstar to coach.

Ready to make 2023 your best year ever? Then, I want to be YOUR coach.

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Fascinating Articles & Stories


Taking personal time is never more essential than now

As the civil-rights activist, Audre Lorde once said: “Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation.”

Be direct and ask for what you need. It’s okay to be direct. In fact, it’s a gift that saves the other person time and effort.

Know that the same rules can’t apply to everyone.

It’s okay to outsource aspects of life.

Add an extra layer to your communications around time off.

From this article on charter


6 Hallmarks of Happiness

  1. Happy people live modestly. Our society glorifies bling—big houses, fancy cars, private jets, a baller lifestyle. The evidence is clear: Those “hallmarks of success” aren’t hallmarks of happiness—it’s the opposite.
  2. Happy people have committed long term relationships. They tend to stay married and have intimate, life-long friendships.
  3. Happy people are fit. Your body is your vessel for experiencing life. It’s hard to be happy if your vessel isn’t in tip-top shape.
  4. Happy people have multiple passionate pursuits. Happy people are curious, life-long learners who pursue growth in multiple ways.
  5. Happy people help others. And they expect nothing in return.
  6. Happy people say no (a lot). They have clear priorities, set boundaries and have the discipline to stick to them. They stay in their lane, eyes on the prize.

From a thread on Twitter


New Inspiring Episodes on the Choosing Leadership Podcast

Below are the latest episodes where I have interviewed these amazing leaders. Listen to their story to know the choices they have made to be where they are now.

Leadership Journeys [31] – Chris Federspiel – “This is about the journey and not about achieving the thing at the end”

You will not listen to a more vulnerable podcast than this one. Do not miss this one.

Leadership Journeys [32] – Silvia Hecher- “Get a coach way before there are conflicts/struggles or things are falling apart.”

Silvia catches my bias as a man and illuminates me. Must watch for all women, and men.

That’s it for now. If you have any questions or feedback, or if you are new and want to introduce yourself, hit reply. I read and respond to every reply. All the best,


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