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The only two things you need to DO WELL as a leader

There are only two things you need to DO WELL as a leader – to achieve all your dreams and ambitions. It is not that there are not other skills or things you need to do, it is just that everything else will fall into place if you do these two things well. They are:

  1. Knowing what you want – for yourself, your team, and your organisation, and
  2. Asking for what you want – without apology, without making it personal, and without making it OK for the other person to say NO

Most people do not stop and ask themselves, “What do I really want?”

And it is not easy. It requires courage to peel layers and layers of wishes, expectations and hopes to get to what you really want.

But there is no leadership possible unless you are clear on what you want – for yourself, for your team, and for the organisation.

It is often not easy to sit in solitude and tap deep into your heart and gut – which is where all desire comes from – and which is where all leadership starts.

Most people never ask for what really want, precisely and clearly, because it is too painful to receive a NO.

They see a rejection as a personal failure rather than just the ask being rejected.

They make a NO personal and uncomfortable. A NO means nothing unless what you make it mean.

Just like you can say YES and NO to what you want, others can say YES and NO as they see fit.

You can ask for anything you want from whoever you want as long as you make it OK for the other person to say NO.

Once you know what you want, the only thing standing in the way is asking for what you want from those who can give it to you.

It could mean asking for money and funds to start your company.

It could mean asking for time to complete what you started.

It could mean asking others to join you as you create the future of your dreams.

It could mean asking someone to resign if they are not helping you get where you want to go.

Or, if the worst comes to pass, it could mean asking for help when you have no idea what to do – from your peers, from your family, from your coaches, from your mentors, or from a mental health professional.

Remember, the last thing that you can always ask for is HELP – to help you move towards what you really want.

And yes, all of this requires COURAGE. But then, what doesn’t?

Reply back with what you really want and what is stopping you from asking for it. You are safe with me to share whatever you want. I read and respond to every reply. And I applaud your courage.

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Fascinating Articles & Stories


How Top Leaders Influence Great Teamwork

In this podcast episode, Scott and Dave examine McKinsey’s research on what the top CEOs do (and avoid) when building great teams. Key highlights below

  1. Top leaders staff for both aptitude and attitude. They have an eye to both the short and long term.
  2. Top leaders stay connected with people throughout the organization, but also keep some distance. There’s a key distinction between being friendly and making friends.
  3. The most successful CEOs have a mindset of “first team” and expect leaders in the organization to prioritize serving the whole team/organization over any functional area.

From a podcast episode on the Coaching for Leaders podcast


Just 2 Minutes of Walking Is Surprisingly Good for You

Walking, especially in nature, can have tremendous benefits for our body and mind. Any form of light exercise during the day is a key practice for leaders to build. It improves their decision-making, emotional intelligence, and creativity.

The benefits of physical activity are never all or nothing, Dr. Patel said, but instead exist on a continuum. “It’s a gradual effect of more activity, better health,” he said. “Each incremental step, each incremental stand or brisk walk appears to have a benefit.”

From an article in the New York Times


A Humble Inquiry on the Balance between long-term and short-term for leaders

In this episode, Leslie joins me as my co-host to humbly inquire into how to prioritise the long-term and short-term as a leader. How to find the critical balance in business as leaders – where we are responsible for short-term metrics – and yet also for the long-term growth and sustainability of our business? 

  • “it’s very important to measure numbers in the short term, but not to see those numbers going up and down as a direct measure of the performance of your people, of your teams. Because then there is a lot of hidden elements.”
  •  “It requires courage and trust in self to know what is right for you.”
  • “There are many places that you can find help if you go looking for it.”
  • “it shouldn’t become a match like somebody needs to win and somebody needs to lose. It needs to become a partnership. It needs to become a team effort.”
  • “Courage is not about giving up at the first disappointment, but courage is about trusting that this is important and then moving forward, no matter how slow or fast the progress is.”

Listen to the complete recording on the Choosing Leadership podcast

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