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“So many people appear confident, but there’s always something going on.” – Nina Rauch

Nina Rauch founded the social initiative Pink Week for breast cancer awareness in 2013 at only the age of 16. Her campaign has since raised over $500,000 (including $48,000 in under an hour). As a result of that, she was named a Future 100 by Barclays. She is currently leading Social Impact, CSR and Giveback for Lemonade; which is an insurance company driven by social good.

In the interview, Nina shares how losing her mother inspired her to start Pink Week. She opens up and talks about how bad things hurt her heart, and how knowing that has shaped her career. She also talks about the importance of working in a company where you feel comfortable expressing your voice, which I think is one of the main tasks of any leader in any organisation.

She adds, “If you have a job that you’re passionate about and that you’re focused on, it really helps to calm the nerves and decrease some of that intense pressure because you’re going in the right direction.. “

Find the full audio interview and show notes here

“It is important to put yourself into the shoes of those that you want to inspire” – Christian Guttmann

Christian Guttman is a leader in science, technology and business; because of which he was named a Top 100 AI global leader recently. He has been a startup founder, professor, Vice President and Executive Director at some of the largest international tech companies, successful startups and leading universities.

In the interview, Christian and I spoke about our common love for technology and leadership, about computers and people, and about artificial and human intelligence. We talk about the importance of listening with empathy, understanding the cultural assumptions that lie behind all conversations, and the important role of curiosity when it comes to leadership.

He adds that as a leader, “it is important to have empathy, to put yourself into the shoes of those that you want to inspire, that you want to help and want to lead and want to manage and want to give a perspective. “

Find the full audio interview and show notes here

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