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Look Ahead. Not Down

When riding a bike, if you focus on the ground because of the fear of falling, you will go exactly there – on the ground. You will fall if you focus on the ground while biking. If you want to keep riding, you must keep looking at the horizon. You must keep looking in the direction you are headed, even if you experience fear.

You go where you look. This is as important in cycling as it is in your life and leadership. One lesson I have learned in life is to reflect daily on where I am looking and where I am going. I regularly ask myself – Am I looking at my dreams and ambition? Am I looking at what I want to create? Or, am I looking at my obstacles and fears?

This principle has worked well for me. Whenever I have managed to keep my attention on where I am headed, what I care about, and my deepest held values, I have found that things have gone well for me. On the other hand, I have had to face distrust, destroyed relationships, and missed opportunities when I have focused on my fears, insecurities, and anxiety.

It’s true for cycling. It’s true for life. Look Ahead. Not Down. Keep your attention on where you want to go rather than what stands in the way.

Where have you been focusing? Ahead or down. What is the future that lies ahead for you? What could be one tiny step you can take in that direction? I read and respond to every reply.

Articles and Stories Which Have Fascinated Me


Check Up On Your Team’s Kids

Checking up shows that you care. If there’s a mountain of stress being added to someone’s life, the least you can do is not pile on more. One of the most important ways to make your team feel supported is to acknowledge that they have a lot going on that you may not know about.

Eyes are on you as a manager and standards are higher in emotionally charged moments – and that includes charged moments in your team’s lives, not just events related to work. So take a moment to check in with your team members if they have a sick child.

It’s easy and can make a difference. The hardest part is remembering to do it, which is exactly why I’m writing this.

From an article about managing team members who are parents


It’s Part of the Game

Falling and getting back up,
That is how our life is setup
When the night seems longer,
It is only making us stronger
Nothing is wrong, none should we blame,
Because it is all part of the same game!!

Hardships are life’s little tests,
They are as real as our conquests
Every fall and wound is like a teacher,
The lesson is ours to find and discover
In failing there should never be shame,
For getting up is also a part of the game!

Get back up, and dust off your clothes,
Make the best of whatever life throws
Take control, and be proud of who you are,
See for yourself you can go how much far
It’s again the time to play, to take a big aim,
Hit or miss, it is all part of the game!!

From a poem I wrote more than 10 years ago – It’s part of the game


A Few Resources For You

I want to thank all of you who have been reading this newsletter for the last 15 months. I hope it has added value to your lives. Please share any feedback as I am always looking for ways to improve these emails. As a show of gratitude, I want to share some research reports I often share with my coaching clients.

These reports have been a result of my experience and research leading teams, making mistakes, and slowly growing in my own leadership. I hope you will find these valuable as well. These are :

  1. Care To Lead: Why There Is No Leading Without Caring (download here)
  2. The Listening Habit: The One Habit Which Enables All Others (download here)
  3. Fearless Feedback: Recognise Feedback For The Gift That It Is (download here)

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