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Are You Playing To Win, or Not To Lose?

These are not the easiest of times, and when fear takes hold, we often start to play life not to lose, rather than playing to win. This is a common theme (Playing to Win vs Playing Not to Lose) which comes up often in my coaching sessions.

When we play not to lose, it can certainly help us survive, but it rarely allows us to thrive and express ourselves fully. Left to continue over the long term, it eats at the confidence, aliveness, and joy we experience each day.

Think about an area of life where you are playing not to lose? Now, wonder how would it feel like to “play to win” – with excitement, energy, and freedom?

Take a moment to pause and listen to your heart, and see how it feels. You might feel fear and discomfort of the unknown. And that right there is your opportunity to create a life that matters. That, right there, is also an opportunity for coaching.

How might it feel to go beyond the walls of fear? Outside of these walls, what I have found is that there are opportunities rather than dangers, there is excitement rather than boredom and joy rather than frustrations. 

If you can identify any such walls in your own life, click Reply now and I will help you figure out a way to see and experience life beyond them.

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Articles and Stories Which Have Fascinated Me



“We are all fallible. Everyone feels nihilistic sometimes. Everyone lacks conviction with their life choices sometimes. Everyone falls off on their habits. The diaries of the most successful humans in history are filled with frustration and self-doubt.

Off-days and slumps can be prevented but never completely eliminated. In order to overcome getting stuck, we must both expect and accept that it will happen from time to time. Through attention and practice, we can limit their damage and duration when slumps do occur.

When our train is headed off the rails, how can we get ourselves back on the track? I will share some tested techniques for preventing yourself from getting unstuck as well as how to quickly intervene when it does happen.”

From an article titled A Guide to Getting Unstuck by Chris Sparks



Knowing What You Stand For

Just like ships need a compass and a lighthouse to navigate in vast oceans, we all need to understand what we stand for, to guide us in difficult times. Our deepest held values, standards, and boundaries can be that guide and keep us in check.

When we accept the standards and values others’ have set for us, we surrender our own will and judgment. By figuring out what we stand for, we allow our unique light to shine upon the world.

An article from my desk – Have You Discovered Your Leadership Lighthouse? Why Should You?



My take on the book Creativity, Inc by Ed Catmull – The CoFounder of Pixar

“Catmull has given insights into what it takes to run a creative organization. This book has explained in detail how Pixar rolled out one blockbuster after another, and how its internal processes works which resulted in churning out these blockbusters.

He describes how many failed storyboards it takes before one is accepted to be made into a final movie. For Finding Nemo it was 43, for Ratatouille it was 69 and a whopping 98 for Wall-E.

He goes into detail on what it takes for people to be open to having their ideas shot down as often as Pixar does. This book shows what it takes to create a culture where it is safe to fail and everyone has the freedom to try out new and crazy ideas.

The book also has a chapter on Steve Jobs, which was a bonus to me. I wasn’t expecting to read about Steve Jobs, and Ed Catmull presents a very different take on him than in other reading materials out there.”

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