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Discover Your Most Powerful Tool – Language

Language, and especially using it to create the future we want, is the best tool we have. We have the power to choose, in any given moment and circumstance, the life we are going to live. And that happens in language. We all have it within us to give up being a victim and take a stand for everything that matters in our lives. And that happens in language.

We live in language just like fish live in water. Language is not only for describing and communicating. Its most powerful use is in creating a future. That happens when you make a declaration. Recall every time you said “yes” to a request or made a “commitment”. In these moments you were not just describing and communicating, you were creating a future. All human progress was created first in someone’s words – before it manifested as tools, technology, and objects.

The only person who can envision and create your future is you. And that happens in language. The only person who can pin you down or defeat you is you. And that happens in language too. You produce every result by having conversations. Similarly, there is a missing conversation behind every result you desire but do not currently have.

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Articles and Stories Which Have Fascinated Me


Be The Water in a River, Not Like in a Glass

If you add salt to a glass of water, it becomes salty. And if you add salt to a river, the water stays as it is. In life, be more like the river and less like the glass when dealing with other’s emotions. The river and the glass are wonderful metaphors for having a big heart.

From The River of Compassion


8 Leadership Skills & Qualities to Lead Yourself

Leadership is not a role; it is a mindset. It is about taking a stand and operating from a place of responsibility in all situations – and that includes the possibility of making mistakes and stumbling on the way.

Leadership starts from reflection and focussing inwards. Leadership starts when you ask yourself the hard questions and are brave enough to do what most people wouldn’t do. As Lao Tzu once said, “Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.” It is only when you can lead yourself that you can lead others effectively.

Here are 8 leadership skills and qualities to do so :-

From an article from my desk – 8 Leadership Skills & Qualities to Lead Yourself


How I Wrote 200 Articles in 200 Days

The key to turning your experience into words is prioritization. Writing is a muscle, a marathon, and a legacy. My writing went from general advice to specific life musings. Instead of branching to more topics, I began to share my fears, dreams, and hesitations. People came for the content and stayed for the character. Aim to share your intimate and unfiltered thoughts, and you will intrigue your readers. 

From an article – How I Wrote 200 Articles in 200 Days

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