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I help you SEE what others do not see,  so that you can take ACTION others would not take, and produce RESULTS that others can not produce.

Fulfil Your Dreams

What in your life is "on hold"? What feels impossible but it is what you really want?

Build Strong Relationships

Communicate to create miracles. Create massive results built on the foundation of trust and influence.

Befriend Your Emotions

Make your emotions work for you, rather than against you. Turn emotions into your best friend.

Team Leadership

Build habits and practices to create high-performing teams. Enable work that nourishes people with joy and fulfilment.

Why Coaching?

I have my own coach because I love having someone who believes in me and holds me accountable to a bigger vision. I love having someone who doesn’t believe the stories or fears that hold me back.

Have you achieved a lot of success and accomplishments - but still feel empty? Do you feel weighed down by all the expectations? Do you have a lot of friends and well-wishers - but still feel very alone and lonely?

Successful people have few people who are willing to tell them what they most need to hear. I promise to hide nothing and hold nothing back. I am here to SERVE you, not to PLEASE you.

Are you ready to be honest with yourself, reflect, and step into your own power? Do you want me in your corner to encourage, challenge, and support you?


1. How Can I Help You?

I can help you :-

  1. Figure out who you are, and what do you really care about.
  2. Express yourself authentically under all situations.
  3. Create higher productivity, engagement, and satisfaction in your teams.
  4. Make and deliver on bold promises without overwhelm and stress.
  5. Grow into the leader you know you can be.
2. Who Is My Ideal Coachee?

My Ideal Coachee :-

  1. Is open to discuss their deepest fears, dreams, and desires.
  2. Is coachable and brave in answering deep & provocative questions.
  3. Plays big, but stops often to rest, reflect and learn from life.
3. Why Coaching?

Good leaders and strong teams and culture don't just happen. They are made brick by brick as a result of thoughtful practices over time.

Coaching helps leaders and teams find the answers to their challenges themselves, becoming more resilient in the process.

As a leader, coaching will allow you to create a culture of playful productivity in your teams. A culture where people feel nourished, accomplished, and enriched at work. 

A typical session with me involves a quick check-in of any highlights and lowlights. Then we determine the focus area for the session, where we spend the most of the time. We end the session with identifying any commitments and practices that support you in your leadership.

4. How Much Is The Investment?

My coaching programs are personalized to your specific needs and expectations. They pack a lot of value and your investment will range from €10,000 - €25,000 for a full year of 1-on-1 coaching.

I also offer group (of size 4-8) and team coaching programs a few times each year. Your investment for a seat in a group is around € 5000 per year. Often it can be even more powerful than 1-on-1 group because of the wisdom of the group.

5. Why Work With Me?

I have led tens of teams and coached hundreds of leaders over the last decade. I have helped people form highly performing teams and to get better in skills such as emotional intelligence, conflict handling, and overcoming fear.

But coaching and leadership didn't came naturally to me. As an introverted geek, I have faced my own challenges and frustrations in dealing with people. It was not easy for me to become good with communication and emotions.

Somehow I persevered, learned a lot along the way and transformed who I am. With Deploy Yourself, I hope I can help you do the same. There is tremendous potential within each one of us. Let me help you discover yours!


Borderless Coaching - below is a map of where all Sumit has coached people since 2021.

Work With Me

Below are the different ways I work with leaders, teams, and organisations

One-on-One Coaching

A continuous engagement of a year or more depending on the results you would like to produce in your life and work. 

More Details
  • 60 or 90-minute conversation every 2 weeks
  • An initial deep-dive session to set the context
  • Unlimited coaching during the period for urgent matters.
  • Continuous feedback and guidance.

Group Coaching

Get coached in a small group of 4-8 people. You will get less dedicated time, though the value you get is the same if not more.

More Details
  • 90 or 120-minute conversations every 2 weeks
  • Access to my coaching guides and videos
  • Additional 1-on-1 coaching for urgent matters
  • Open access to me via WhatsApp and email 

Team Coaching

I will coach a pre-existing team as a single unit. See your team build strong relationships and impeccable collaboration.

More Details
  • 90-minute team coaching every 2 weeks
  • Virtual or physical offsite workshops every 3 months
  • Attending team meetings as an observer
  • Access to my coaching guides and videos
  • Continuous feedback and guidance.

Thank you for your interest in working with me. 

I start a new group every 3 months and accept new 1-on-1 coachees every few months.

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