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Getting Real This Diwali – Are you ready?

Hope this email finds you surrounded by the warmth of Diwali lights and the joy of the season! 🎇

As I soak in the festive spirit, and whether you are celebrating or not, I wanted to get real this Diwali.

Diwali is the celebration of light over darkness and good over evil. Yet, when I look at the headlines – whether political or professional, I see how far we are from that vision of Diwali.

Worse, I still see all of us (us = human beings, including me) still struggling with and perpetuating hate, violence, anger, and stress, whether consciously or unconsciously.

Let us get real this Diwali!

It is so easy to point fingers at others and see what they are doing wrong rather than to reflect and deal with the pain, hurt, anger, and sadness in our own hearts.

I got angry at my 4-year-old son yesterday. It is always easy to blame him and then myself for getting angry, rather than honestly looking at what triggers us and why it hurts us when it does – which then leads to anger.

Let’s get real this Diwali! And that starts with me understanding and dealing with my own pain, hate and anger before I try to fix or mend my son – or the world.

Picture a world where love and acceptance conquer hate on a global scale, and where compassion & forgiveness become our biggest weapons.

Picture this: a world where workplace stress is a distant memory, where the joy of doing meaningful work echoes through office corridors or slack channels. Picture a world where work nourishes people rather than making them sick – physically, emotionally, or mentally.

It is time to get real and ask – What kind of leadership is required from me today? (yes, not anybody else but us)

What am I doing to eliminate stress and cultivate joy in my workplace? (yes, this question is for you)

How can I lead with compassion, forgiveness, and acceptance to honour the spirit of Diwali?

How can I show up as myself – with all my vulnerabilities?

How long will I keep hiding behind a facade of what’s deemed ‘reasonable’ and ‘acceptable’?

When will I speak straight from my heart and let go of the pain of holding it all inside?

How can I honour, accept, and let go of my own inner demons of hate, indifference, hurt and sadness?

Unless we can light our own candles and diyas, how can expect the do the same for others?

Unless we can lead ourselves, how can we talk about expecting leadership from others?

Unless we can lead by example, how can we ask others to become role-models?

Often it takes small actions to create big ripples.

Be the pebble that creates ripples of positive change.

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