Are your wasting time, energy & missing opportunities because of suboptimal teams?

I can infuse your organisation with fresh life by transforming your teams


Are you ready for unbelievable results and relationships? Presenting the One Dream One Team program

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Low Productivity?

Are you missing deadlines and producing low quality work? Are you wasting time and effort?

Strained Relationships?

Are you wasting a lot of energy due to disagreements, conflicts, and people not seeing eye-to-eye? 

Missed Opportunities?

Are you missing out on business opportunities because your teams are not aligned and working together?


Are you frustrated and disappointed because the amazing people you have are not working as ONE team?

Deploy Yourself School of Leadership presents:

The 1-year One Dream One Team Coaching Program


Do you know there is more to your team than your current level of productivity and output?

Are you tired and stressed and unable to get the amazing people you have to work together as a team

Are you wasting time and effort in low quality work that often have to be repeated?

Is there a lot of chaos and a lack of short-term and long-term clarity in your team?

Is your team stuck in low energy and a culture of blame, disengagement, and entitlement?

Are you wasting a lot of time in meetings – without making any meaningful progress?

Is your team missing clear metrics of performance? Are people even aware of what is expected of them?

Does each member of the team cares for and takes responsibility for the entire team? Or just their own?

Do you want someone who can coach you & your team and :

  • who has walked in your shoes and led effective teams in the past,
  • who can help your team work as one unit and produce exponential results,
  • while having a lot of fun and building strong friendships along the way?

If your answer to the above is YES, you have come to the right place. To have a conversation, apply below.

    This program is designed for creating teams that play together and win together. It will help your team to:


    1.  Bring clarity in both long-term and short-term, even when there is chaos all around.
    2.  Shift the mood from frustration and resentment to curiosity and collaboration.
    3.  Address hidden disagreements and conflicts that lie below the surface.
    4.  Release pent-up energy to build trust, strong relationships, and unbelievable results.
    5.  Overcome confusion and self-doubt and make decisive choices as a team.
    6.  Ensure everyone knows what to do, and takes up equal ownership and responsibility.
    7.  Have freedom and autonomy for each team member – to be able to decide how to do their job best.
    8.  Exponentially overshoot your key metrics, OKRs and KPIs. 
    9.  Shift old ways of thinking and behaviour without stress and anxiety.
    10.  Have everyone pull their weight instead of just a few people pulling the team together.
    11.  Never waste time and energy due to lack of coordination between people.
    12.  Stop playing safe and make big promises as a team and deliver on them.
    13.  Create a safe environment to address underlying issues openly without any tension or weirdness.
    14.  Get people from different nationalities and cultures – who lack a common ground – to work together as ONE team.
    15.  Build strong and compassionate relationships between people who are willing to support each other when needed.
    16.  Ensure each team-member is supported and receives coaching and career guidance.
    17.  Create a great organisation, and not just a great product or business.
    18.  Deal with politics – both inside and outside the team – to ensure progress, productivity, and wellbeing for all.
    19.  Build resilience to get back up again after setbacks and breakdowns.
    20.  Never feel alone again and have a trusted advisor (me) who has your back at all times.
    21.  Take pride, meaning, and satisfaction from what you do each day.

    PS  The program is open for only 3 teams in 2023. 

    What Pradeep and Sri have to say after working with me for a full year?

    “What I could have done in two months, I was able to get done in two days.” – 

    Pradeep Banavaraco-founder of Obvious Technology and ex-VP of Product at Swiggy 

    “Every session was a very deep experience. At one point, my anxiety just vanished.” – 

    Srilakshmientrepreneur and social Impact & Change Strategist for DEI & Sustainability Ecosystems

    How Does It Work?


    1. We meet for a team coaching session regularly (weekly or bi-weekly). You start to see results immediately which compound with time.
    2. 1-on-1 coaching for the team leader and others when required. 
    3. On-demand workshops introducing first-principles of leadership
    4. I show you the mirror by reflecting and partnering together 
    5. Outcome based video courses to watch at your own pace
    6. Actionable frameworks/checklists/mental models for building trust, making powerful decisions, and other situations.
    7. Online community for asking questions, celebrating wins, etc
    Why should you trust me?

    You can trust me because:

    1. I have been where you are currently. I have been a team member, leader, and coach.
    2. I am already partnering with teams like you – right now!
    3. I have learned my lessons the hard way. You do not have to.
    4. I have been part of poor as well as great teams. I have been a poor and an excellent manager myself.
    5. I have invested over 12 years and counting in my personal development and coaching. I know what I talk about.
    6. I have researched human behaviour and leadership from multiple perspectives – psychology, neuroscience, meditation, systems thinking, philosophy, and spirituality.
    7. I host a podcast, give public talks, and guest lectures in business schools, and my first book on leadership will be published soon.
    8. I practice and put to use everything I share with you in my own life. I live by example.
    Why does your team need a coach?

    Do you know a sports team without a coach?

    Do you know a top athlete without a coach?

    The business world is waking up to a fact people in sports have known for decades – an external and objective coach and a trusted advisor can see and suggest what you can not on your own.

    A coach for your team can listen and see those levers of performance and action which can produce massive exponential results. Think about increasing productivity by 10x or 20x, not 20-30%. 

    Do you want someone like that in your corner? 

    I have had a coach for the last 12 years – I love having someone who believes in me and holds me accountable to a bigger vision. I love having someone who doesn’t believe the stories or fears that hold me back.

    Do you want someone like me as a coach who regularly helps hundreds of teams and leaders improve their wellbeing, productivity, and a sense of satisfaction and meaning from their work?

    What am I promising?

    I promise that:

    1. Working with me will change the trajectory of your team.
    2. Your team members will be able to relax, smile, and have fun while producing bigger and bigger results.
    3. Everyone in the team will begin to show up as leaders who take ownership, responsibility, and work as ONE unit.
    4. Your team will take bolder decisions and collaborate in a way they have never done before.
    5. Everyone in the team will be left acknowledged and listened to.
    6. Everyone will know their role in the team and will be proud of making a contribution to team success. 
    7. Your team will want to spend more time with me, even if parts of spending time with me are challenging, provocative, and uncomfortable.
    8. The results your team produces for your customers and the quality of work will improve massively
    What are my requirements?

    Here is what I require from any team I work with:

    1. Make our time together the most important. Not because you are working with me, but because we are going to fully commit to the outcomes you are seeking.
    2. Be on time. Do what you say. Stay in communication when things do not go as planned.
    3. Be open and coachable. Be willing to hear different perspectives. Especially those you might not want to hear.
    4. Practice & give it time. This is not about intellectual understanding. Practice.
    5. Be willing to be compassionate with yourself along the way. Remember to smile and have fun.
    How much is the investment?

    My coaching programs are personalized to your team’s specific needs and expectations.

    They pack a lot of value and your investment will range from €30,000 – €80,000 for a full year of Team Coaching.

    My invitation to you is to take at least 10 times the value of your investment in the program.

    The work I do is priceless and produces exponential results. I intend to serve you so powerfully that you see this investment as your best in life so far.

    Ready to see what having someone like me on your side can do for your team?

    How much time will this take?

    The coaching sessions themselves will be 1.5 to 2 hours – once every week or two weeks.

    There will also be on-demand workshops introducing key leadership first principles as and when required.

    Apart from that, I expect each member spend at least 30 minutes each day reflecting or practising what they learn.

    In 3-6 months, by practising what you learn, your team will be able to save more time than they spend with me.

    This will become your best time and value investment ever. 

    How it works? – The F.A.C.E. of your TEAM

    Who am I?


    Often, the most challenging story to tell is your own.

    What most people know about me is that I have spent 20 years doing software, started 2 for-profit and 1 non-profit organisation, and have spent 9 years doing photography.

    What most people don’t know about me is that I have spent a lifetime staying invisible. I have used my computer and camera as tools to hide behind. 

    As an introvert, I have spent so much of my time hiding myself that I now see where you are powerful even when you cannot.

    I combine my experiences as a techie, engineer, 3x entrepreneur, author, public speaker, leader in companies like Yahoo and, and as a poet and photographer – to help leaders merge the science of doing business with the art of leadership.

    What others are saying?

    So before joining these sessions, I was a little bit maybe scared or curious about it because I never joined such type of session in a group, so there were a lots of questions in my mind, and, I was blind at that time because I’m not a classroom person, and so, the first day was heavy for me.

    But the 2nd day was eye opening for me because whatever we did in the practices and the sessions, that actually I could relate with my current challenges. So, just like I said, I already got my answers from the 2nd day itself.

    And I’m really directly relating with my challenges. And I’m thinking about how to implement with my team. So that’s eye opening for me.

    And you said that any goal is not important without the commitments. And, we always set goals but without the commitment, and we can’t reach that. So, that’s my problem. So, after discussion with you, I learned that commitment is the one thing, it’s everything. ” – 

    Deepak, Tekdi Technologies

    I saw the value of silence and slowing down. You had talked about it earlier – slowing down to speed up – but experiencing it was very different. What we were able to achieve in those two days was a year’s worth of work for me.

    The highlight and also what helped us end on a high, was the acknowledgement and appreciation that we did. It’s hard for me to celebrate myself or appreciate myself. I used to feel that the purpose or the goal is enough for me to keep myself motivated.

    I was completely amazed, surprised, or even touched by what people said about me. Almost everybody cried when we were appreciating each other. That was an emotional high. 

    Ashwin Date, CTO at Tekdi Technologies 

    “The workshop was exactly what I expected and I am really happy that I participated. It did the job.

    The first day was tough, intense and confrontational and the second day was a highly energetic day and fun. I thoroughly enjoyed the coaching element of it.” 

    Siddharth Goyal, Serial Entrepreneur and product leader 

    Working with Sumit has changed the way I think. Before meeting him, I was trying hard to fix my weaknesses, but I should have concentrated on my strengths. Sounds obvious, right? Well, it actually feels mind-blowing – this simple shift of attention. As soon as you make this shift, you stop fighting with yourself.

    😨 Many people, including myself, aren’t afraid of failure, but are very much afraid of success. This fear blocks your actions because with great success comes great responsibility. This can be scary, especially when other people are involved. However, once you truly realise this, you immediately start acting differently.

    🔑 There’s no point in trying to fit in when you’re made to stand out. Being nice, convenient, and common sense logical is not as powerful as being authentic and passionate.

    ❣ Most important: People often don’t realize how important their energy is. When you enter a room, even before you open your mouth, people can feel you. 

    Result: I’ve never been so confident and happy on my path. It’s a lifelong journey, of course, but the feeling of getting a step closer to the power to consciously shape your future is priceless.

    Anastasia Petrova – Serial Entrepreneur

    Borderless Coaching - A map of locations where I have coached people since 2021.

    Extraordinary Deploy Yourself Guarantee

    I understand that this is a big investment  – especially if you have never invested in a coaching program before.

    So, with this program, you get the ‘Extraordinary Deploy Yourself Guarantee’ – which means that if you are not satisfied after a month of working together, you get all your money back – with no questions asked.

    Email me within 30 days for a complete refund. And I will refund your investment with a smile.

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