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Why Love and Leadership are synonyms?

When I started my career, I would never use love and leadership in the same sentence.

In fact, back then, I considered leadership as the opposite of love. I thought being a leader means being cutthroat, aggressive, and not being caring.

I could never have imagined that my journey to understand leadership which started in 2010 would lead me back to love in 2022.

Today, I start every new relationship – personal or professional – by asking:

What do you care about most deeply? What and who do you love the most? and Why?

Let me share 3 reasons why I believe that love and leadership are synonyms.

  1. People are touched and inspired by love – The more (genuine) care and love one puts into a relationship, it is returned with a reciprocal action. That is human nature. Whether at home or at work, human beings respond in predictable ways when treated with love. When we love our team members, they not only see us in a better light, they are inspired to be better. People will perform better naturally (without forcing, persuading, or convincing) if you love and treat them as champions – and not mere resources.
  2. People long to feel a part of something – We all want to belong. Nobody wants to be excluded – at work or otherwise. When you genuinely care and show your appreciation for your people, they know they belong – to your mission, company, team, group, etc. Can you help your people feel that they’re a part of something more than just work, projects, or earning a salary?
  3. Love is at the root of recent buzzwords like diversity, inclusion, equity, empathy, trust, and commitment – Can we stop being afraid of using the word “love” in a business setting and see that it is behind all recent leadership buzzwords? As James Kouzes and Barry Posner observe in their award-winning book The Leadership Challenge, love is the secret of leadership.

    I define love as “a commitment to the welfare, growth, and wholeness” of both oneself and others around us. And we start companies and lead teams for the same reason – for the welfare and growth of yourself and others – whether they are your employees, managers, customers, partners, or colleagues.

Love is the greatest gift that you can give – to yourself and to others.

Are you giving this gift of LOVE to yourself first – when it is so easy to be self-critical and beat ourselves up?

And then,

Can you give the gift of LOVE to others – even if it is so easy to blame, point fingers and be judgemental?

If you can, that is your LEADERSHIP right there.

It is that simple. When you LOVE, you LEAD.

What is one act of LOVE you can do right now – at business and work?

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Fascinating Articles & Stories


“If people aren’t willing to accept you for the way that you are, then that’s their problem” – Marc Munier

I interviewed Marc Munier, Founder of DitchCarbon on the Choosing Leadership podcast. We talked about:

  • If you trust people with the information, nobody judges you.
  • Celebrate the small wins. Celebrate the stages towards the end objective
  • I’m a fundamental believer in the goodness of people. So I believe that people given the right information will make the right choice
  • As a citizen, we’ve got a responsibility to do more and so to help combat the effects.
  • I love a soppy movie or a soppy series.
  • I’m a massive believer in getting outside and just kind of breathing the air, getting away from the city
  • Your brain needs time to relax.

Listen to the entire episode.


“Partnerships are the backbone of running a company.” – Dinesh Juneja

I interviewed serial entrepreneur Dinesh Juneja on the Choosing Leadership podcast. We talked about:

  • patience is a virtue I’ve developed over a period of, and I think that really stuck with me very strongly.
  • we are investing a lot in building a strong second line of command
  • I think I have more failures than successes as a person, and I think it’s true for anybody who is relentless
  • I think the biggest advice is always to think about why you started up in the first place.
  •  this journey has been really beautiful, has been very rewarding

Listen to the entire episode.


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