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Doing nothing is not FAILURE. It could be the best thing for you.

Do you feel the urge to fill your time with work?

Do you feel the urge to make each hour and minute of your day productive?

Does doing nothing feel like a failure or a waste of time?

I am sharing this today because I have spent most of my life trying to be busy or productive.

I am sharing this because I equated being busy or productive with success or the path to success.

But what if being busy is just an escape hatch to avoid what we don’t want to face – stillness and silence?

What if there is a huge treasure in being with oneself without any distractions or anything to do?

A powerful question to ask yourself is –

What am I consciously avoiding so much that I have to keep so busy?

If I can not be in silence in my own company, what does that tell me about myself?

Sitting in silence can be hard.

It means facing the anxiety and fear we want to avoid, and answering the questions we don’t want to answer.

Yet, as Thomas Vles, CEO of Tellow, pointed out in his podcast interview with me, there is huge wisdom in doing nothing.

If you have the courage, sit alone in solitude and do nothing.

See what questions come up and what are they pointing towards

How long can you sit with yourself without any distractions? 5 mins, 10 mins, 30 mins…

Try doing that for a few days or longer, and you will be amazed by what you discover.

Reply back with any insights or surprises in your life as you reflect on what I share. I read and respond to every reply.

PSI have taken a stand to eradicate workplace stress. In the 21st century, stress has no place at work. If you want to transform your teams and build a culture where people wait for Mondays and not Fridays, send me a message.

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