The Secret To True Happiness And Success

The human conscious mind is merely the tip of an iceberg. The subconscious that lies hidden, like the large mass of an iceberg beneath the water, is a vast resource that remains untapped. The subconscious mind has immense power to influence the human mind. It can be the secret to unlocking true happiness and success in all aspects of life.

The Power of the Subconscious Mind (1963), by Joseph Murphy, shows how to unlock the vast potential of the subconscious.

Suggestions From The Subconscious

It is said that once you learn to ride a bicycle, you learn it for life. While the conscious mind focuses hard during the learning process, the subconscious works in the background retaining all the information learned, thus making it an automatic task. This phenomenon called conscious-to-unconscious learning is a fantastic tool that humans have.

The mind merely needs learning by repetition for conscious-to-unconscious learning to take place. This applies to all processes of repetition. For example, the repetition of positive thoughts will lead to harnessing positivity into the subconscious.

Case 1: Enrico Caruso, the late nineteenth-century Italian opera tenor, used to perform at famous European and American opera houses. He often found himself sweating profusely and having throat spasms just before his performances. He feared the crowd would laugh him off the stage. He eventually took control of these negative thoughts by reinforcing the thought that his conscious mind has to stop influencing his subconscious. 

This positive repetition helped his subconscious to ignore his fear and provide energy to his voice box.

The subconscious mind has the power to manifest any thought or idea that one trains it to do. 

Case 2: Dr. James Esdaille, a Scottish surgeon, had an extremely low mortality rate for the 400 or so operations before anesthesia was developed, between 1843 and 1846. He used to hypnotically tell his patients to not be afraid, as they would not get any infections after the operation. This hypnosis prompted the patient’s body to trigger the subconscious into activating a response in their bodies to build immunity.

The Power of the Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy - Book Review & Summary
The Power of the Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy

The Power Of Visualization And Positive Thinking

In the 18th Century, priests would treat people by simply convincing them that God would heal them and make them well. The method worked due to the workings of the subconscious mind, rather than any divine power. It is known that positive thoughts can empower the subconscious to heal diseases. 

Case 1: A relative of the author contracted tuberculosis. His son was determined to help his father recover. he gave his father across and told him that he got it from a monk who had visited a European shrine. He had, however, picked it up from the street.

He told his father that the cross had the power to heal people if they touched it. His father slept with the cross in his hands. The next day, he was cured. The belief of the father had triggered his subconscious to heal his body. 

His belief was so strong that no one told the man the truth about the cross. Breaking his belief would have led the disease to resurface. Thus truly believing and imagining what one desires as reality, will make it real. 

Case 2: The Church of Divine Science, a weekly radio show conducted by the author, gives a good example, where the author discussed the concept of the mental movie method. The author was advising people on the process of selling their homes. He told people to visualize and create a mental image until the subconscious made that image real.

The methods involved people having the confidence that they had set a good price for the house, and then imagine that they were celebrating its sale, while they were sleepy. This method of visualization worked well and the author received a number of letters thanking him for helping sell their homes.

The Results Of Passion And Visualization

The power of the subconscious and visualization can help achieve more than just property sales. It can even attract wealth. One has to simply imagine what they want and let the subconscious work its wonders. 

Case 1: An Australian boy wanted to become a surgeon. He, however, did not have the money to fund his education and dream. Every night, the boy would create an image of a diploma with his name, hanging on his wall. Over a period of time, a doctor recognized the potential in the boy, taught him to sterilize medical instruments, and administer injections. The doctor later paid for the boy’s tuition.

Case 2: The subconscious mind works best when visualization is augmented with passion. A young passionate pharmacist known to the author would dream of owning his own pharmacy. He visualized himself giving out prescriptions. He got a job at a big chain store and worked as passionately as he always imagined. 

The pharmacist was soon promoted to manager for his hard work, and four years later, he opened his own pharmacy with the money he had saved. Thus the pharmacist combined passion with visualization to achieve his dreams.

The Subconscious, Career, And Love

Humans sleep for one-third of their lives. While asleep, the body reenergizes and heals itself. Functions of the body such as digestion accelerate while the body relaxes and rests. During this time, the subconscious becomes active, and its intuitive powers work to guide us. 

Case 1: A Los Angeles listener of the author’s radio show, had gotten a job in New York at two times the salary she currently drew. She was, however, unable to make the decision to relocate.

She heard on the show that meditation would help guide her, and she meditated on her decision as she dozed off. The next day, she had a strong intuition to decline the offer. Months later, the company filed for bankruptcy and her intuition was validated. Her subconscious had guided her through her decision and she got her answer in her sleep.

Case 2: A teacher the author knew had 3 failed marriages. All her ex-husbands had a weak and passive nature. This kept happening to the lady, despite the fact that she has attracted to the opposite qualities of a partner. Why was this happening to her?

It was her dominant masculine personality that was attracting people of the opposite qualities. To overcome her dilemma, she used mental visualization and concentrated on the personality of her ideal partner. Soon she got a job as a receptionist at a physician’s clinic. The doctor was a smart, successful, healthy man like what she had been visualizing. The teacher soon got married to him and they lived happily together. 

Thus the subconscious can also help focus on the type of partner one desires.

Driving Negative Thoughts Away.

We have seen many examples of how conditioning the subconscious to think happy thoughts can actually help manifest reality. Happiness comes to people anytime. Even finding a ten-dollar bill on the sidewalk can bring happiness. However, these moments of happiness are fleeting. 

One can actually use the power of the subconscious to bring long-lasting happiness in one’s life by changing the way one thinks. They simply need to choose to be happy.

Envy is a negative emotion that can thwart one’s dreams. This emotion often rises when one sees the success and wealth of others. Being a negative thought only precludes one’s potential affluence. By hoping for more wealth and success for others, one can train the mind to think of success and wealth for themselves too.

Case 1: Once, a salesman sought advice from the author. He never received recognition for his work, even though he always outperformed his colleagues. He started blaming the fact that his manager did not like him and thus treated him poorly.

He then learned from the author the real reason for his problem. The obstruction of his success was due to his hostility towards his situation, jealousy for his colleagues, and anger towards his boss, which constantly created negativity in his mind. 

He soon began practicing visualization and imagined receiving congratulations from his manager, shaking his hand, and smiling at him. He chose happiness instead of his negative thoughts and began to genuinely wish for the good of his boss and his colleagues. Soon, his boss promoted him, and he got a big raise too.

Negative thoughts can take away one’s peace of mind.

Case 2: An associate of the author was a workaholic, who was neglecting his family, and ended up with high blood pressure. Digging deeper, it was found that his habit was to avoid being with his family because he was racked by guilt for not doing right by his deceased brother. It was his way of punishing himself.

The associate needed to forgive himself first and let his mind heal in the process.

Fears, Obstacles, And Staying Young

The subconscious has the power to help us over our fears, obstacles in life and even to stay young. Many children fear monsters lurking under their beds. But when their mother puts on the light, their fear melts away, and they know that they are safe. Similarly, fears, like those of failure and powerlessness can be countered as they are mostly supported by false thoughts.

Case 1: Mr. Jones was a compulsive drinker and constantly failed at quitting his habit. His failure had made him think that he was powerless against the urge to drink and thus he had given up trying to quit too, losing his family in the process.

He decided to face his fears and visualized his daughter praising him for finally quitting. By doing this, Mr. Jones was able to finally quit alcohol once and for all and was reunited with his family.

Many people fear aging. The subconscious can help one overcome this fear as well. One truly ages when one stops having the passion to dream and learn. 

Case 2: An executive known to the author had spent most of his life working and studying. When he retired at 65, he perceived his retirement as a chance to do all the things he wanted to and could not find the time to. His way of thinking and his hobbies kept him young at heart. With his mind active and young, his body followed suit.


The subconscious, though dormant has immense power to help one attain true happiness in life. Whether it is a matter of career, love, facing one’s fears, tackling obstacles, or even remaining young at heart, the subconscious mind, with the powerful tool of visualization and positive thoughts can help unlock the secret to success in all walks of life.