This is the Investor’s Lens series on the Choosing Leadership Podcast.

This series will look at leadership from the point of view of an investor or VC.

In each episode of this series, we will explore what traits, behaviours, or red flags investors see in the leaders that they work with – and how founders evolve over time as they become better leaders.

Suresh Narasimha is an idea-stage investor in student startups. He helps student entrepreneurs with funding, resources, and connections; and believes in co-creating rather than mentoring or advising.

Join us in this captivating interview as we dive deep into the remarkable journey of an entrepreneur turned investor, who has paved a unique path in the world of startups. Discover how this visionary leader, with a strong sense of purpose, has dedicated himself to nurturing the brightest minds of the next generation. 

From motivating college students to become entrepreneurs while pursuing their education, his approach challenges the traditional norms of leadership. Uncover the power of purpose, flexibility, and emotional balance in driving teams towards success. 

Explore the intriguing dynamics of gender diversity and how having women in leadership positions has proven to be a game-changer. With thought-provoking anecdotes and practical wisdom, this interview will inspire and empower you on your own leadership journey. 

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In the interview, Suresh shares

  • “I started as a deep tech entrepreneur and built several startups before transitioning to becoming an investor with a purpose.”
  • “I believe the best thing for the country and the world is when bright youngsters become entrepreneurs and solve real problems.”
  • “My role is to motivate and support young college students to become entrepreneurs while continuing their education.”
  • “In the past two years, we have invested in around 45 startups, with 60% of them being led by female entrepreneurs.”
  • “Leadership requires a strong vision and purpose to drive change in the world.”
  • “I emphasize the importance of sticking to purpose rather than being fixated on specific solutions.”
  • “When working with young and inexperienced individuals, I focus on co-creating rather than just mentoring them.”
  • “I trust in the capabilities of youngsters and believe there is much to learn from them.”
  • “In my investment decisions, I look for disciplined and innovative students who are deeply committed to solving complex problems.”
  • “Having female leaders in startups has proven to be beneficial, as teams with women in leadership positions tend to perform exceptionally well.”