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“It is already happening” – How to Transform Stress into Success?

Today I’ve got an electrifying story to share that will leave you buzzing with inspiration.

Picture this: it was a coaching conversation I recently had with unexpected “aha” moments. Read below and find out how can shifting your state of being lead to bolder plans and greater success.

Intrigued? Let’s dive in!

So, I was chatting with this super-talented COO who was all in a tizzy about a project running behind schedule. But here’s the kicker: their stress and fear were clouding their genius-level decision-making. Sound familiar? We’ve all been there, right?

But wait, there’s a plot twist! By taking a breather, getting centered, and releasing those anxieties, this COO unleashed a bold and audacious plan to get them back on track. You could literally see the fire in their eyes and hear the passion in their voice. It was pure magic!

Even better, this COO realised that there were many things in motion and there was no reason for them to be worried and anxious anyways.

They were trying too hard to make the results happen. What they realised was that “it is already happening”.

Now, here’s the scoop: When stressed, we tend to get stuck looking in the rear-view mirror, trying to avoid past mistakes and playing not to lose.

But guess what? Your future success lies ahead, not behind. So, let us slow down, center ourselves and break free from old patterns.

As leaders, it is important that we always play to win.

Action time! Here are three power moves you can put into practice today to supercharge your leadership game:

1️⃣ Embrace the Center Zone: Take a few moments each day to find your Center. Close your eyes, take deep breaths (5-second inhales and exhales), and let go of stress. Trust me, you’ll feel the shift!

2️⃣ Rekindle Your Fire: Connect with your big, audacious goals and why they matter. Feel the excitement when you connect with what you care about most deeply. Let that fire guide your decisions. Get ready for sparks to fly!

3️⃣ Release the Control Freak: Instead of forcing outcomes, allow the magic to unfold. Trust the process, make room for serendipity, and allow things already in motion to happen.

When we try too hard to force something to happen, we make that result less likely to happen. That is the paradox.

Let us break this unhealthy pattern.

Discover the surprising connection between relaxation, ambition, and achieving big goals. Listen to the full story to find out more.

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Fascinating Articles & Stories


Paddy Raghavan – “It is not a failure, it is an experience”

I interviewed Paddy Raghavan, Co-founder of Multipl, on the Choosing Leadership podcast.

In this heartfelt conversation, Paddy shares his passion for startups and how he moved from technology to entrepreneurship. He shared the powerful yet simple lesson of “nishkama karma” or detached action – and how he applies that in his role as the CEO. He shares how he had to take a big risk and pledge his property to pay salaries in his previous startup.   

In the interview, Paddy shares

  • I don’t know, somewhere in my life somewhere I got this entrepreneurial, bug it’s something that I’ve had right from my college days. Multipl is my third StartUp
  • I always wanted to build something on my own that was on the cards, but it wasn’t, I wasn’t really desperate or I wasn’t, not every day that I wake up that I start thinking about, or I should be starting something. 
  • I mean it’s always especially when you’re actually interacting with someone who’s fairly successful, which I would call myself and you would only see the positive side of it. And people tend to think that, yeah it’s a nice journey. It’s good we should become entrepreneurs. But I’ve definitely had my fair share of challenges.
  • I literally had to pledge my property and to pay the salaries in the previous startup it was at a point where we had very difficult situation in terms of you know, raising capital and paying the salary 
  •  I must be grateful to a lot of people. You know, my family has been very supportive. My wife has been very supportive throughout because that is very important. You can’t have a you know, if you have a family you need the support because that could definitely take away a lot of your Focus if it is not in the right frame. 

Listen to the entire episode.


Abhijit Anand- “It becomes hard sometimes because there is nobody to talk to.”

I interviewed Abhijit Anand, Founder and CEO of Zindagi Technologies, on the Choosing Leadership podcast.

In this interview, Abhijit opens up about how lonely it can get as a founder and the toll it can take on your wellbeing and health. He also  shared his decision-making process – and how every decision in the company depends on how it impacts the bottom line, the top line, and the company’s reputation. He also shared how he plans his day, stays productive, and how gardening teaches him patience and tenacity.  

In the interview, Abhijit shares

  • one thing I’ve realized is that cash is king. The moment cash disappears, the company will cease to exist. 
  • both me and my wife, we’ve decided. that Every single decision that we take in our company will have a three-pronged approach. That decision will be a yes or a no, depending upon how well it improves the company’s top line. How well it improves the company’s bottom line, and does it impact the company’s reputation in a positive way or a negative way?
  • From a sales point of view, I’ve realized that, a small customer and a large customer, They’ll take the same amount of time. They demand the same kind of attention. So I’ve decided to focus on some very large customers who, from whom we keep getting big projects
  • one key thing that we did was we kept on we kept our focus on customer satisfaction. Number two, we’ve managed our finances very tightly. And number three, I think We’ve tried to make sure that we treat our employees with the same respect as what we would do to our customers and to our vendors.
  •  Richard Branson’s book, losing my virginity, somebody asked him a question that you look like a quintessential entrepreneur, in your opinion, how would you define a business? And his response was, I’m paraphrasing, but his response was, A business is nothing else but an idea that will improve people’s lives. So that’s how the name Zindagi, which is Hindi the way of life. That’s how the name started. 
  • one key mission statement that we have is to ensure that we leave this earth better than the, where, how we found it.
  • from a personal point of view, I can tell you that It becomes hard sometimes because I feel that there is nobody to talk to.

Listen to the entire episode.


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